Welcome! If you are looking for Bliss you have come to the right place! I teach people tools for elevated living using essential oils, holistic wellness, and life by design.

I remember when I was a young healthcare professional looking for something more in my life. I was overworked, stressed, and was sacrificing my own health for my career. I didn’t know a thing about nutrition nor was I prioritizing my own self care. As a result, I was exhausted, beyond moody, my skin was a mess, my hair was falling out, and my digestive system was a total wreck. In addition, I was feeling unfulfilled in a career that didn’t fully allow me to deliver the standard of care my patients deserved. I had lost my passion.

I knew something had to change! I submerged myself into holistic nutrition, eliminating everyday toxins that were disrupting my health, and started to make nearly everything from scratch.  Throughout this process I discovered how essential oils could not only eliminate toxins in my home but also support my body, mind, and even spirit on a daily basis. Essential oils saved my life!

Today, I am a certified holistic health coach, Blue Diamond leader with doTERRA, business mentor, and retired occupational therapist. I am passionate about teaching people elevated living through holistic health, essential oils, and life by design.

Are you ready to discover what essential oils can do for you? If so, I’ve created this eCourse for you! 

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Free Essential Oils eCourse!

Are you ready for a reset? Over the next 7 days I will teach you how to eliminate toxins from your home, get glowing skin, elevate your own self care, and get healthy from the inside out all while using essential oils. New to essential oils? Now is the perfect time to see what you’ve been missing and why they are so popular!

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