How Personal Rituals Can Bring More Peace and Balance into Your Life

Would you like to experience even more peace and balance in your life? Our lives are made up of our own personal habits and routines that become autopilot for the the way we function, react and show up in life. When consciously created, routines and habits  can bring more peace and balance into our lives. I call these empowering habits, personal rituals.  

How to create empowering rituals? First, identify what you would like to feel more of. Would you like to experience more love, joy, balance, success, peace, happiness, energy, fitness, etc… Next, incorporate activities that inspire those feelings into your daily routine. With intention, these empowering habits will become as automatic as brushing your teeth.  

Looking for ideas? Here are examples of daily rituals you can incorporated into your life. This is my own personal routine.


1. Start your day with intention:

Upon waking, write down 10 things you are grateful for, send love to 3 people who are challenging you, and sit in quiet reflection for 5 minutes while asking for guidance for the day. 

I adopted this ritual from great mentor and coach, Bob Procter. I do this ritual while still in bed, either solo or snuggled with my 1 year old daughter. 

Next, apply Balance “grounding blend” essential oil to the bottom of your feet to stay grounded and set an intention for the day.


2. Nourish your body:

Start the morning with a cup of warm water with lemon or a few drops of lemon essential oil, a pinch of cayenne and a splash of honey  to hydrate and get things moving in your body. 

Make a nutrient dense green smoothie to nourish your body.  I like to make one for me and one for my daughter. Her favorite is banana-cado.


3. Move your body:

Intentionally move your body for 15 minutes or more.  I like to throw on a high energy song and dance with my baby, go for a walk, or hula hoop.


4. Set the mood:

Get the diffuser started with your favorite essential oils. Some of our favorites include: motivate, passion, cheer, peace, citrus bliss, or balance depending on the day.


5. Clean beauty routine:

Shower, pamper your face, and brush teeth with a clean beauty routine.  No hormone disrupting chemicals in this routine (coming soon to the blog).


6. Personal growth: 

Read or listen to something that inspires you to expand outside of your comfort zone, inspires you to do more, and moves you towards your goals. Looking for book recommendations? Start with The Big Leap, Supreme Influence, You Are a Bad Ass, or The Slight Edge. Not into reading? Check out audible for audio books that you can listen to during your daily commute or while getting ready for the day.  


7. Income producing activities:

What activities do you participate in that brings you income? Are you earning what you are worth?  If you want to increase your value continue to add value to others. 

I empower people to transform their health and finances while teaching people about natural solutions using essential oils. This includes mentoring my business partners, teaching essential oil classes, leadership training and wellness consults. 

Are ready to transform your health or your finance? Learn more!


8. Joy list: 

Participate in activities that bring joy into your life.  What do you love most in your life and what would you like to experience more of? Looking for ideas? Start your joy list HERE.

The majority of my day is spent participating in activities that bring me joy.  Some of my favorite activities include hiking, having a picnic with my daughter, playing like a child, or dancing. 



9. Connection:

Connect with the people you love in your life. Put the electronics away and share meaningful connection over a meal or having fun. 

Dinner time is sacred in our home.  It is a time to connect as a family and share about our day.  Whether I cook a nutritious meal or we dine out, meal time is device-free and always starts with, “What was the best part of your day?”


10. Peaceful bedtime routine for little ones:

Enjoy the last moments of your little one’s day with a special bedtime routine.  No matter the age, have a special routine that ensures your children feel safe, loved, and valued.

Since the birth of our daughter, she has had a consistent bedtime routine. It includes: massaging her feet with a drop of lavender essential oil for calming, turning the diffuser on in the nursery with a drop of Serenity essential oil for a restful night’s sleep, turning on the sleep sheep, and rocking her in the glider while I tell her how much I love her, thank her for the good things she did that day, and let her know it is safe for her to go to sleep. We will be here when she wakes up in the morning. 


11. End your day with intention:

Set yourself up for tomorrow’s success before you even wake up in the morning. Take 10-15 minutes each evening to plan and reflect. 

Questions to ask yourself before bed: 

  •  What are my 5 most important goals I am working towards right now?
  •  What did I do today to move me towards my goals?
  •  What will I do tomorrow to move me towards my goals?
  •  Check your calendar for the next day/week to ensure your schedule reflects movement towards your goals. 
  • What have I given today?
  •  What am I grateful for today?
  • What guidance can I ask for? 


As you sleep, your subconscious will be working for you.  It will help you move towards your goals and bring you even more clarity in the morning.  Let your final thought of the day be, "thank you."


Are you ready to incorporate more peace and balance into your life? Start creating your life by design and incorporating empowering personal rituals.  If you don't know where to start, begin and end your day with intention using some of the ideas above.  As you begin to form new habits and new neural pathways these personal rituals will become as automatic as brushing your teeth. 

What are some of your favorite rituals? Please share in the comments.

Wondering about other ways to use essential oils? 

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