DIY Spa Ornaments & Gift Pairing Ideas using doTERRA Essential Oils



Give the gift of peace, serenity, balance, and elevation this holiday season. Customize a relaxing epson salt soak with your favorite doTERRA essential oils and present it as a festive Christmas ornament. Give the ornament alone or pair it with the following gift suggestions for the writer, entrepreneur, yogi, or mother in your life. 


Spa ornaments with bath salts & essential oils


4 inch round plastic ornament

2 cups unscented Epsom salt

5-8 drops of your favorite doTERRA essential oils per ornament.  I made four separate ornaments using Peace, Serenity, Balance & Elevation (where to buy)



1.  Add Epson salt to a bowl.

2. Stir in desired essential oils. Mix well.

3. Add the bath salt to plastic ornaments.  

4. Once full, put the top of ornament back on. 

5. Attach a ribbon and label if desired to ornament hanger. Do not lift ornament from ribbon or hanger. 

6. When ready to use, add contents of ornament to a warm bath and soak your worries away.

Makes 1 ornament. Adjust recipe as needed. 



Present spa ornament as a single gift, a set of ornaments or pair with the below suggestions for the writer, entrepreneur, yogi, or mother in your life.

For the WRITER:

Pair peace spa ornament and peace essential oil with a journal.


Pair elevation spa ornament and elevation essential oil with an inspirational book such as, “The Big Leap.”

For the YOGI:

Pair balance spa ornament and balance essential oil with DIY yoga mat spray and fuzzy socks.  

For the MOTHER:

Pair serenity spa ornament and serenity oil with bottle of wine (or tea) and chocolate truffles


Happy gifting…oh, and make one for yourself! Your body will thank you.


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Wondering about other ways to use essential oils? 

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