30 Day Cleanse: Get ready to GLOW, increase vitality and feel AMAZING

Do you have an afternoon energy slump, difficulty waking up in the mornings, brain fog, sugar cravings, skin eruptions, bad breath, moodiness, bloating,  joint discomfort, inability to lose weight, food sensitivities, or an overall sense of…”blah?” If so, your body may be ready for a cleanse.

If we haven’t met yet my name is Rigel Smith and I’m a holistic health coach, a Blue Diamond doTERRA leader, and wellness advocate. In 2012, I hit this same wall. I was an Occupational Therapist managing a large facility (it’s always been my passion to help others through healing), but I was so unhappy. I was undergoing a lot of work-related stress and I found myself not happy with my lifestyle. I wasn’t eating well, I wasn’t exercising (who has time for that?! I thought..), and I came home just really exhausted and tired from a long day being on my feet and dealing with work stressors. 

The funny thing is, I discovered natural solutions for my problems sort of by accident. I was trying to find natural healing tools for my patients. I attended an event that introduced these methods for alternative healthy lifestyles and that’s when my journey into a toxin-free body, mind, and home began. 

I started applying some of the methods I was taught by essential oil experts into my daily routines little by little. The results were so impressive I was totally shocked by the immediate results i was getting in regards to my overall sense of well being (the tension around my neck started easing along with my tension headaches, decreased stomach upsets, I was breaking out less, and I was breathing better and just feeling more energized overall).

One of the first things I did was ‘reset’ my body by doing doTERRA’s 30 day Cleanse and Restore Kit (in addition to throwing out all of my chemical products at home and making my own). I did this because I knew it was going to be an important part of my new, healthy foundation.


  • Naturally boosts energy levels
  • Rids body of excess waste
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Boosts immune system
  • Glowing skin
  • Better breath
  • Promotes healthy habits
  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved hair health
  • Feeling lighter
  • Anti-aging benefits due to free radical reduction
  • Improved sense of wellbeing

First, you need to understand all of the things involved in doing a Cleanse and Restore protocol. It’s a lifestyle adjustment that involves your diet, exercise, and overall sense of well-being. 

Recognize that our health is really, really important and thankfully, there are ways to either improve or build on the incredible machine of our bodies to make ourselves feel better, glow, and be energized.

How I used doTERRA’s 30 Day Cleanse and Restore Kit, I’ve actually outlined in a 28-minute video below. If you prefer reading, below the video is the text version of what I go over in the video. To purchase the kit, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post with a special bonus! 


The foundation of our health and wellness as you can see on this wellness pyramid, a lot of it starts with the foundation of a healthy diet. So incorporating supplements that can help support with proper nutrients, eating as many fruits and veggies as possible, and also exercise is important, moving your body. 

So maybe that's hiking or dancing or cardio in the gym whatever it is, there's ways to reduce our stress. There are essential oils that can help bring a sense of peace or balance. There are some oils that are very calming and there are things that we can do in our lifestyle to just change so that we can have an overall all sense of peace in our life. 

Today what I'm going to focus mostly on is how we can reduce our toxic load and why that would be important. 


So when I say toxic load, every day we are exposed to more toxins in one day than our grandparents were exposed to in their entire life.

This comes from a book by Dr. Reid it's called "Health and Wellness in a Toxic World." He also shares about a study where the umbilical cord of little babies were analyzed and found to have an average of 287 toxins in their umbilical cord blood so our babies are being born toxic as well. 

It's also been theorized that the air inside of our homes is actually five times more polluted than the air outside. This has to do with the toxic cleaners that many of us use to clean our homes as well as the synthetic air fresheners which unnecessarity contribute to our toxic load on a daily basis.

Some other toxins include pathogens. These are things that you might consider germs in the form of bacteria, fungus, and things of that nature that we’re exposed to on a daily basis when we're out and about. Synthetic chemicals - these are things that can be found in our foods like artificial flavorings or sweeteners, they can also be chemicals found in air fresheners like I had mentioned or in household cleaners.The third is radiation. This comes from cell phone use, computer use, and even the sun.


There are detox channels within our body. Some of them include our lungs that filter the air we breathe, our GI tract which filters through the things that we ingest, and our skin which actually absorbs over 60% of the products that we put on our skin. 

So an interesting statistic I found is that on average women put over 515 toxic chemical on our skin everyday in a normalised beauty routine. The U.S. does not regulate the beauty industry. In Europe, they have over 1300 banned chemicals from their beauty products but in the U.S., since it's unregulated, there are only eight that are banned here. 


The first is to avoid toxic exposure. One of my favorite ways to decrease exposure is through washing our produce. Even our good organic healthy produce is exposed to toxins through the harvesting and transportation process. A simple way is to wash produce is with a few drops of lemon essential oil in a sink of water. You would be amazed what comes off your produce!

You can also fill a spray bottle with ten drops of lemon oil water and then spritz your fruits and vegetables before eating them. Bonus, it also doubles as a great countertop cleaner so you can have a two-for-one there.

You can swap out traditional cleaning products for plant-based cleaner that are safer, less expensive, and more effective than traditional cleaners. doTERRA carries a line of OnGuard cleaning products and laundry detergent that will not disappoint. You can also start making your own DIY cleaning products for pennies on the dollar using essential oils and ingredients from your pantry. 

The second way is to diffuse oils to help purify and clean the air (that’s mine at home).  Citrus oils in particular will help to purify the air as well as uplift the mood. It’s a really great way to keep the air around you fresh, purify the air, and reduce your toxic load. 

The third way is to reduce the toxic load from products that we use in our beauty care routine. I had mentioned that our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. You can start switching to natural beauty routines. There's a great skincare line called the Verage skincare line through doTERRA. It's all natural, it has essential oils and plant-based ingredients and works really, really well. It's spa grade and in my opinion, works much better than anything I have used from the spa. 

doTERRA also has a salon grade shampoo and conditioner that promotes hair growth and healthy hair. They have whole spa line of plant based products you can use to pamper yourself. If you are more of a DIY gal, the options are endless with what you can create with a little coconut oil and essential oils. 


Supporting defensive functions is giving your body a foundation to work with. It’s giving your body the nutrients to fortify and work with the defense mechanisms of the body. In order to do this, your body requires certain nutrients which are now becoming more depleted in our diets. Our soil is less nutritious than it was even a hundred years ago which is resulting in foods that have less vitamin profiles than they did for our grandparent's generation. 

It's also important that your body have the amount of energy required for the cells to function optimally and to have healthy fats for your liver. 

Your liver is responsible for breaking up a lot of toxins but a lot of these require fats - fat soluble - to break up these toxins. For a healthy foundation, I recommend Lifelong Vitality. This is something that you can use during the 30-day cleanse but you're going to want to use it throughout even much after.

This is just a standard foundation on which we build the 30 day cleanse from and this is something you can incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. 


So what you see here is a three part supplement. On the right is the food nutrient complex, the VMz. It’s a whole food multivitamin that's going to provide your body and your cells with the required nutrients to provide cellular efficiency within the body and to help the body appropriately detoxify its cells.  

On the left is the cellular vitality complex, the Alpha CRS, this is full of antioxidants that are great for liver support as well as brain support, skin renewal, and cellular renewal. 

In the middle you'll see your xEO-omegas. These are Omega-3 supplements that are good for just about every cellular function in the body. They're incredible for brain health and also incredible for your liver. We talked about having healthy fats to help digest and detoxify the body. So this is the healthy foundation we start with. This is called Lifelong Vitality. 


If you don't feel increased energy or a decrease in occasional aches and pains, better sleep, improved mood, or whatever you're looking for, within 30 days you can return this product back to doTERRA for 100% money-back guarantee. It works THAT well.

The third thing I'm going to focus on for the rest of our time together is really the foundation of what a 30 day cleanse looks like and this is supporting our elimination functions in the body. Get ready to clean house!


We have a few main pathways in our body that are responsible for elimination. The primary chimneys are the intestinal tract, our digestion, and the urinary system. Our secondary includes our respiratory system where we breathe and our skin. 

When our primary chimneys get overloaded that's when you'll see the secondary chimneys get bogged down. So you might develop some sensitivities in your lungs, some congestion, maybe some allergies, or with the skin you may notice your body is eliminating through skin eruptions or rashes. 

So how do we support these chimneys for optimal elimination? 

Okay so we're going to talk about how we can support our liver, our GI tract, our urinary tract, and then how we can decrease the likelihood of overloading those secondary chimneys which we had mentioned is the skin and the lungs. We're going to start with these two products. These are called Zendocrine and TerraZyme.

I'm going to go a little bit deeper in each of these. The Zendocrine is going to support your 5 elimination channels which are your kidneys, skin, lungs, urinary tract, and liver. TerraZyme is going to support the gastrointestinal tract. 

So let's start with the GI tract. 

These are your intestines and the surface of your intestines if you were to lay them all out is equivalent to that of a tennis court. Your intestines are responsible for many, many things including absorbing nutrients from foods and protecting us from pathogens, synthetics, or toxins that may be in that digestive system.

This is a closer look inside of your GI tract. This is called villi. Villi are these little tiny fingers that are in that intestine and on those villi, on the right you can see microvilli which are these teeny tiny little hairs that help cover these epithelial cells. These three mechanisms are what are responsible for helping you absorb the nutrients in your food.

So what can happen when we're eating processed foods, we're stressed, or we're exposed to more toxins in our body than can be eliminated at that time these little villi and microvilli, get clogged. Kind of like a coffee filter or an air filter that needs to be changed. It gets clogged and prevents the epithelial cells, those skin cells from actually absorbing the nutrients our body needs from foods. An option you can use to "vacuum" out the villi is a digestive enzyme called, TerraZyme. This is your gut love blend!

What TerraZyme does is it actually goes in and is sort of like a roto-rooter for your little villi. It will go through and help to digest any of the leftover food, toxins, and anything plugging up your GI tract and helps to eliminate it. TerraZyme is a blend of digestive enzymes. When we eat lots of raw, healthy fruits and vegetables they are full of enzymes which help our body to digest food and absorb nutrients. 

What happens in our modern-day society is a lot of times we cook foods. Maybe they're processed, preserved, frozen or even reheated in a manner that destroys these enzymes and makes it really difficult to digest and absorb nutrients from our food. This blend allows us to do that. doTERRA has also replace the maltase with an anti gluten enzyme blend so people who are sensitive to gluten can now use this digestive enzyme. There's also more lactase which helps you properly digest lactose or dairy. 


When we think about our liver it's imperative to keep our liver healthy. Our liver is the main way that we process and detoxify our body. The liver then must send those toxins to another chimney for proper elimination and that's either your kidney or your colon. In addition to keeping our liver healthy it is also important to keep our kidneys and colon super clean. Zendocrine Complex can help us do this! 

Our Zendocrine is an herbal complex designed to help cleanse your skin, liver, kidneys,  colon, and lungs - all five of your detox channels. This herbal complex is different than our Zendocrine essential oil blend which I'm going to talk about in a moment.Zendocrine Complex is herbal based and has some really good quality herbs in there that will help support like I mentioned liver, kidney, colon lungs, and skin. Remember  our liver is king! It is so important to keep this guy functioning optimally and then to have additional detoxification channels open so that we can excrete appropriately. 

The Zendocrine essential oil blend is also designed to support a healthy liver. This is an essential oil blend that includes tangerine, juniper, cilantro, geranium, and rosemary. A couple of my favorite essential oils are in this blend including juniper berry which is designed specifically to help support your urinary tract and your kidneys and cilantro is designed to help for heavy-metal detoxification.


The next thing we want to do on our 30-day cleanse is a 10-day renewal within the body where we actually eliminate unhealthy gut flora within our GI tract. What we're going to use for ten days is an essential oil blend called GX Assist. This has oregano, melaleuca, lemon, lemongrass, peppermint, and thyme. This oil combination is extremely effective at eliminating unhealthy gut flora. 

Many times toxins will actually live inside of fat cells. When your body gets overloaded and it doesn't know what to do with excess toxins because it can't excrete them properly it will actually keep you safe by tucking them in fat cells and which may cause weight gain. It can also make it difficult to lose those few extra pounds because your body has harbored those toxins in your fat cells to keep you protected.

One of the things the GX Assist can do is actually help penetrate that cell membrane and help release some of those toxins. This is because essential oils are fat soluble just like your the cell membrane that protects your cells. 

Did you know our GI tract is responsible for 70% or more of our immune system? Just one of the many reasons it is really important to keep our gut in tip-top shape. It affects a lot of functions in our body, our immune functions as well as our brain functions. Our gut has been called our second brain for good reason. 

Another thing to note is the stomach acid in our GI tract is a pH of 1.3 and that's really high, it's like battery acid. So what that does is it kills a lot of the unhealthy bacteria that might be coming through our system. It also makes it really difficult for us to populate with healthy good gut flora. 

So some of you may have heard of something called probiotics which help support a healthy gut flora and promote the growth of the "good" bacteria in your gut. 

Probiotics are healthy bacteria. If you think about your gut as a garden, you must seed and fertize her so that she may flourish. Probiotics is like fertilizer for your gut. Your garden also needs to be weeded which is what GX Assist does as it wipes out unhealthy gut flora. Now, the main challenge when introducing probiotics to your GI tract is to actually get them to your lower GI tract where they are most needed. Remember your stomach acid is 1.3, it's like battery acid,  so when we eat things that are full of probiotics like kombucha (I love kombucha), yogurt, fermented food, or many off the shelf probiotics… most of the healthy probiotics in there are actually disintegrated in that stomach acid.

One of the best probiotics I have ever used is doTERRA's PB Assist. What's really cool about the PB assist is it has a probiotic bacteria and a prebiotic fiber. What this means is that you can actually get the probiotic into your lower GI tract where it will have the most beneficial results. The prebiotic and probiotic fiber will help proliferate the good bacteria so it makes it easier for the probiotic to adhere to the stomach lining in the lower GI tract. The prebiotic will actually feed the healthy bacteria, until it gets where it's going and can repopulate in your lower GI tract. It's pretty phenomenal.

There are 5 million probiotics per capsule and because of its design, it's going to allow the LIVE probiotics through your stomach acid and to your lower GI tract where it can fertilize your "gut garden."

There is also fiber in the PB Assist that will help it adhere to the villi within the intestine and helps it populate in your GI tract. 

So after we have done 10 days of activation, we have done 10 days of the renew, now we are going to restore for the last ten days of our cleanse. We are going to do this with something called DDR Prime. This is an essential oil blend that's very very powerful. It helps support healthy apoptosis which is a fancy word for cellular death of unhealthy cells. 

When you have a cell that is past its prime, in nature and within our bodies, a healthy cell will naturally die and we eliminate it. What happens is sometimes the cell's DNA gets a mixed signal and it keeps repopulating an unhealthy cell. When we repopulate an unhealthy cell over and over and over it can produce some really undesirable results in the body. 

What DDR Prime is designed to do is to help support healthy cellular renewal. It has some of the most phenomenal oils to help with cellular health. You have frankincense which is the king of all essential oils. If I could only pick one it would be frankincense. You have wild orange, lemongrass, thyme, and clove that all support this healthy cellular renewal. It also helps provide a healthy response to free radicals. Excessive free radicals can lead to premature aging and illnesses and this blend will also help with those free radicals as well. 

During this 30-day cleanse if your goal is to lose weight you can also incorporate slim & sassy. If your goal is not necessarily weight loss you could use lemon or grapefruit instead. What you would want to do is to add these oils, either the slim and sassy, or lemon or grapefruit to your water a few times a day throughout this cleansing process. These oils are going to especially help release the toxins in fat cells, so those fat soluble toxins. The slim & sassy in particular is going to help you manage your appetite and sometimes mood shifts that we may have during our detoxing phase. Slim & Sassy helps support a healthy metabolism, energy production, a healthy insulin response, and once again the management of toxins. 

So this is what Ready, Set, Glow of 30-day total renewal looks like. 

We have phase one which is Activating. We're going to activate those cells, get ready to release them, and make sure that our detox channels have been opened up so that when we start the reset they will be able to be excreted properly and then follow up with renewing with healthy cells. Phase two we be the "reset" phase where we will be cleaning house. Finally, phase 3 is all about restoring your body. 

In summary, we start our 30 day cleanse with the foundation of health using Lifelong Vitality. This will be used even after your cleanse. During this time we also prime our body with Zendocrine. Next, we focus in with our GI health with the TerraZyme digestive enzyme to clean up our villi. During the reset phase, the GX Assist goes in and kills the unhappy unhealthy gut flora followed by the PB Assist during our restore phase which repopulates and nourishes that garden. During the restore phase, DDR prime is also introduced to promote healthy cellular function. The cleanse is designed to support and detoxify our 5 detox channels including our kidneys, skin, lungs, liver, and colon. This is what it looks like.

This is the 30-day renewal Cleanse and Restore kit from doTERRA. It's an incredible value. You actually save a ton of money if you purchase it as a package because each product purchased separately would cost $324.05, but if you purchase it as a package, it's only $245. So you save $79.00 when you purchase it as a package. Plus, you get free wholesale pricing from doTERRA with this kit which means anything you purchase from doTERRA for the next year will be 25% off retail!! No minimums or monthly purchase requirements. 

You can become a wholesale customer for free and purchase your "Cleanse and Restore Kit" Here.

Now if you are new to doTERRA let me explain what a wholesale customer is.

A wholesale customer receives wholesale pricing like a Costco membership but for your health. There are things in life that have low lifetime value like watching useless reality TV. Your health and your family's health, however, has high lifetime value. Exercising, eating right, and taking care of your overall health on a day-to-day basis gives you huge long-term benefits. So having a membership that gives you discounted prices for continuing to promote your health makes sense and this is why the wholesale membership plans like this exist. 

So for this instance, you get access to all of doTERRA's line of products for wholesale pricing for the entire year AND get loyalty rewards points so you can get free product. Pretty amazing! There are no minimums or monthly purchase requirements. You will recieve 25% off retail prices with every purchase from doTERRA. 

You can read more about wholesale customer FAQs here. It's a pretty sweet deal!

Now if you’re anything like me, you’d consider one of the places to get this is through Amazon. Although I LOVE Amazon and shop there often, this kit is not where I recommend you to buy. Here are a few really good reasons:

You get 25% off not just on this purchase but ALL of your future purchases. This is not an option on Amazon. 

Also, there are NO authorized doTERRA sellers on Amazon which means many of the products available are knock offs and adulterated to make a profit. You can get the same or better deal on your own wholesale account! Plus, you know what you will be getting. 

You will also receive a complementary wellness consult with me to help you identify your health priorities and make a customized 90 day wellness plan to meet you needs.

You will also have access to an 8 week continuing education series delivered to your inbox to learn more in depth about topics such as hormone support, mood support, green clean, and more! I am passionate about education! 

Plus, You get access to our members only essential oil, health, and green living education on Facebook group for ongoing support and education (currently have over 1,000 members and counting). You WILL have questions and we are here to help!

Ready to get started? 

You can get free wholesale pricing & purchase your cleanse and restore kit here. Just select "wholesale customer" and add the "cleanse and restore kit" to your cart. 



ontact me with any additional questions. 

You will want to save this protocol sheet! Here's a guide that you can download so that you can use it throughout your 30-day renewal. You will want to print it out and keep it handy during your cleanse.  

Happy cleansing!! You are just 30 days from feeling  your best self!  If not, your kit is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee from doTERRA! Don't worry though, you will feel phenomenal. I do the 30 day cleanse quarterly.  I love to re-energize and restart my system with the changing of the seasons. I have noticed my hair gets shinier, I sleep better, I get more energy my mood uplifts and my gut feels lighter. What are you waiting for? Your gut is waiting for you! Make her happy. 

Wondering about other ways to use essential oils? 

You can download this free eBook that includes 100 Uses for Essential Oils.

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on YouTube.  This post is intended for informational purposes only to support informed self care in conjunction with your medical professional team. These products are not approved by the FDA to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat illnesses.