DIY Holiday Gifts - Simple, Creative, Practical & Useful DIY Gifts Using Essential Oils

Are you looking for some simple and creative holiday gift ideas that people will actually WANT to receive? If so, this post is for you! I’m a big fan of practical and useful gifts. Here are three of my favorite DIY gift recipes for the holiday season plus 2 lightning fast treat recipes to serve at parties. 

To make your gifting life easier, I’ve included labels that you can download & print to put on your gifts so it makes it look like you really have it together.


Gift 1: Miracle Salve

This salve is perfect for anyone in your life who has skin! This salve includes a blend of skin and tension soothing essential oils in a base of coconut and olive oils. I use this salve for all things skin related, head tension relief, hangnail soother, bug bites, lip balm, dry foot soother, and even to smooth my hair!  I don’t have a beard but if I did, I would be using the salve on my beard, too!

This salve has a smooth texture and absorbs quickly into the skin. The addition of beeswax helps the salve remain solid until it meets the heat of your skin and melts in. The aroma is lovely and is neither to feminine or masculine.

Once you master the simple base for this recipe you can switch up the oils to meet your specific needs and preferences. 

This recipe will make 8, 2 oz containers or 4, 4oz containers. 4oz mason jars work great if you want a larger option. 

Miracle Salve Recipe



  • 1 cup Coconut Oil (not fractionated)
  • 1 cup Olive Oil 
  • 5 tbsp beeswax pastilles (get it here)
  • 40 drops lavender essential oil (get it here)
  • 40 drops rosemary essential oil (get it here)
  • 40 drops peppermint essential oil (get it here)
  • Few drops of Vitamin E (optional)  
  • 8, 2oz. Containers (get it here)


  • Slowly melt coconut oil, olive oil, & beeswax in a double boiler stirring frequently.
  • Add Vitamin E (if using) and 5 drops of EACH essential oil to EACH 2oz container.
  • Pour melted beeswax mixture into containers and let set for 24 hours to harden.
  • Apply directly to skin as needed.




And you’re all set to gift them! You can get the Avery Labels here.

Miracle Salve Recipe from: Back Door Survival

Gift 2: Essential Oil Room Spray

Traditional air fresheners are filled with synthetic chemicals that disrupt hormones and can irritate the respiratory tract. Making room sprays with essential oils and water is a simple alternative to traditional air fresheners. Not only do they smell wonderful they also purify and cleanse the air! 

You can let your creativity shine as you start making your own room sprays. All you need is a glass spray bottle, high quality essential oils, and water. You can add any combination of essential oils that smell good to you. The easiest way to start finding combinations that smell good to you is to hold 2-4 bottles of essential oils under your nose and start smelling different combos until you find one you really like. 

This is one of my current favorite blends and will be the one included in this year’s gift bag. It smells like a walk in a pine forest. I can’t get enough of it!

Winter Wonderland Room Spray


  • 10 drops Siberian fir essential oil  (get it here)
  • 6 drops grapefruit essential oil  (get it here)
  • 2 drops spearmint essential oil  (get it here)
  • 2 oz glass spray bottle (get it here)


Add all ingredients to spray bottle and top with water. Shake and spray liberally. 


And you’re all set to gift them! You can get the Avery Labels here.

Gift 3: Seasoning Salt

This gift is perfect for the foodie in your life. Not only is it extremely easy and inexpensive, it is also delicious.

This combo tastes similar to the seasoning salts I have purchased from local spice shops. Seasoning salt is best added as a finishing salt at the end of cooking or at the table to add a whole new dimension of flavor. 

This seasoning salt infused with rosemary, lemon, and black pepper essential oils tastes lovely on roasted veggies, poultry, pasta, many soups, and even popcorn. 

For this recipe, I use coarse pink Himalayan sea salt although you can use whatever sea salt you prefer. If you are using course salt you will likely need to grind before adding to your food unless it is a soup. If you prefer, you can use fine sea salt instead. 

Seasoning Salt


  • 2 drops rosemary essential oil  (get it here)
  • 2 drops lemon essential oil  (get it here)
  • 2 drops black pepper essential oil  (get it here)
  • ½ cup sea salt
  • 4 oz. glass jars (get it here)


Mix ingredients together and store in airtight glass container. Grind and add to marinades, poultry, vegetables, soups, pasta or even popcorn.


And you’re all set to gift them! You can get the Avery Labels here.

Recipe 1: Party Food

This delicious popcorn tastes like peppermint hot cocoa meets crunchy popcorn. Not only is it tasty, I also show you how it can be make lightning fast in the video below by mixing it all together in a paper bag. 

We make this cocoa dusted popcorn for an occasional snack, movie night, or gift. It is the perfect combo of subtle sweetness with a light salty crunch. Throw it in a mason jar with a ribbon for a friend or a large bowl for yourself. Enjoy this simple treat!

Peppermint Cocoa Dusted Popcorn


  • 2 tbsp cane sugar
  • 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil (get it here)
  • 2 tbsp melted coconut oil
  • 10 cups plain popped popcorn
  • Sea salt to taste


Mix sugar, cocoa powder, and peppermint oil together. Drizzle popped popcorn with coconut oil and stir to combine. Sprinkle popcorn with cocoa mixture and stir well to combine. Sprinkle lightly with sea salt to taste.

Watch this video to see how it turned out!

Recipe 2: Party Drink

I love the aroma, warmth, and spice of a steaming mug of apple cider. It’s the first drink I reach for when the boots and cardigans come out of the closet. The simple addition of essential oils to this apple cider recipe will not only delight your taste buds, this combo will also add immune enhancing properties to your body as well.

To maintain the integrity of your essential oils, be sure to add them AFTER warming your cider on the stove. Avoid boiling the cider. 

Spiced Apple Cider


  • 6 cups apple cider
  • 1 drop cinnamon essential oil (get it here)
  • 1 drop clove essential oil (get it here)
  • 2 drops wild orange essential oil (get it here)


Warm apple cider on the stove. Remove from heat and add essential oils. Serve in mugs.

Well, that’s a wrap for my holiday guide! You can download the recipe handout here & hang it on your fridge to reference while you are whipping up your DIY holiday gifts!

Have fun! Let me know how your gifts turn out! What are your favorite holiday recipes? Let us know by putting it in the comments below!

Are you interested in learning about more DIY projects with essential oils for your body and home? If so, grab a free seat in my free 14 day ecourse all about essential oils and eliminating toxins from your home. 

Disclaimer: Not everyone is the same. That sounds obvious, but when it comes to using essential oils, although a particular essential oil might suit most people, there are likely to be some for whom that particular essential oil is not so effective. When using essential oils, don’t be disheartened if a particular oil isn’t as effective for you as it may seem for others; simply choose another that has similar properties. It’s important to always use high-quality oils with extraction methods that are working towards healing our planet and its inhabitants. For best practices for your safety, consult a medical professional before starting a wellness routine. This post is for informational purposes only and an avenue for me to share with you how I use my oils. Essential oils are not designed to cure, prevent, or treat disease. 

This post also contains affiliate links, but as always, I recommend only the products I would use and bring into my home. Thank you for your support!

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