This is Why Diffusing Essential Oils is so Popular - The What, Why, and How of Diffusing Essential Oils

Being an Occupational Therapist taught me many things about health. In our mainstream culture, we associate health as it relates to the body. If we’re ill or experiencing pain, it’s because the body has become broken or deficient in one or more areas.  More and more studies are being done that suggest the emotions we feel affect our health, particularly feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. 

This became readily apparent to me when I began to experience the effects of work-related stress in the way my body was changing (my skin was breaking out, my hair was falling out, I felt heavy, and developed stomach pains more frequently). 

In addition, the air quality in our homes and offices exacerbate negative effects in our body because of the amount of pollutants and chemicals that are released into the air from the sheer amount of synthetic products that permeates our everyday lives.  Things like harsh cleaning agents put on surfaces, dirty air vents where bacteria collect, and leech from carpets, floors, and furniture. 

Our holistic health: our body, mind, and emotions are greater than the sum of its parts. Getting these three parts of ourselves aligned is what elevates us to a state of bliss, the long-term satisfaction of our lives. This is why I became a Holistic Health Coach because I understood the importance of how each part affects the whole, not just what we do to our bodies.


Essential oils are regaining popularity as the people rediscover they’re nature’s gift to a more natural way of living. Each essential oil has multiple uses because of their vast array of chemical properties, some identifiable, some still a mystery. 

They’re perhaps best known as materia medica - a system of holistic healing - not just the mind, but also our emotions and spirit. Not only can they be used to coincide with the body’s natural chemical properties, but they can be used throughout the home and workplace to enhance well-being, moods, our emotions, and elevate us to a more healthy lifestyle. 

Although they’re sweet-smelling, they’re powerful, and easy to incorporate into our lives because there are so many different methods of use. The fact that they smell good is just a bonus! 


I say known because there’s still much to discover about essential oils, but this we do know - each essential oil has dozens if not hundreds of components. By blending two or more oils, an entirely new compound is being formed. This accounts for the extraordinary potential of aromatherapy. 

Perhaps one way to understand this is to think of a band that consists of multiple members, each member an artist with an instrument in their own right, but when they come together, a musical synergy occurs. Essential oils are like this; each one is valuable, but when blended together, sometimes more can be accomplished. 


How essential oils are handled is important. The healing potential of essential oils is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic frequency (aka vibration) and to positive or negative emotional energy. A blend made in anger may not perform as well as expected. 

At the very least, when blending for yourself, focus your mind on the intention or objective in hand, your needs and the hoped-for outcome. 

Getting rid of pollutants and improving the air quality in your home is one of the easiest things you can do everyday to promote healthier everyday living, and it can be easily accomplished by diffusing essential oils.


Purchasing a diffuser for your home is common. They have been popping up in mainstream stores in recent years (along with essential oils, which I don’t recommend purchasing from stores due to the low quality). I have a diffuser in each room of my home including my daughter’s nursery. It’s such a valuable asset to our everyday health, and worth investing in one. 

You can also diffuse without a diffuser, but I find having a one is much more convenient.  In any case, if you’re saving up until you get your first kit or diffuser, here’s what you can do in the meantime.



Simply put 1 or 2 drops of the essential oil onto a tissue or handkerchief and inhale as needed. 


Add 10-20 drops of your favorite essentials to a 2 - 4oz glass spray bottle. Shake vigorously each time it’s used, as essential oils are not water soluble. Avoid spraying over anything that could be damaged by water.

I recommend that you use a cool-mist, ultrasonic diffuser with your essential oils. Soon you'll wonder what you did without one! 


After trying a few different ones, I prefer the Petal Diffuser of Lumo diffuser from dōTERRA. I learned that UltraSonic diffusers purifies the air best. The petal diffuser runs for up to 4 hours and the Lumo diffuser for us to 10 hours. 

Speaking of diffuser blends! I put together what I call the Everyday Diffuser Blends based on some common moods/situations we typically experience throughout the day. 


Diffusing oils based on your desired mood is extremely effective. Once you begin to use your oils as a tool to assist you with your moods, you’ll find it becomes easier to ‘switch channels.’ Soon, just the thought of diffusing lavender will bring a positive emotion to you! 

WAKE ME UP: 2 drops Clary Sage + 2 drops Grapefruit + 4 drops Lime

ENERGIZE: 2 drops Wild Orange + 2 drops Douglas Fir + 1 drop Spearmint

FOCUS: 2 drops Lemongrass + 2 drops Wild Orange + 1 drop Ginger + 2 drops Melissa

ODOR NEUTRALIZER (AFTER COOKING): 2 drops Peppermint + 2 drops Lime + 1 drop Basil

REDUCE ANXIOUS FEELINGS: 3 drops Lavender + 2 drops Frankincense + 1 drop Wild Orange

HOSTING COMPANY: 3 drops Citrus Bliss + 2 Drops Elevation

TIME TO RELAX: 3 drops Lavender + 2 drops Clary Sage + 1 drop Ylang Ylang + 1 drop Marjoram

SWEET DREAMS: 3 drops Lavender + 3 drops Cedarwood


I highly recommend you start off with a kit to begin taking full advantage of how essential oils can elevate your own life. 

The one I recommend is the Home Essentials Kit. 

It comes with the top 10 essential oils plus a diffuser. It comes with 15mL bottles of Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca (also known as tea tree), Oregano, Peppermint, doTERRA Breathe® (helps with respiratory), DigestZen® (helps with digesting), doTERRA On Guard®, Deep Blue® (helps with joint & muscle aches). These are practically all the oils you’ll need to start purifying the air in your home and start making your own homemade cleaning and beauty products! 


The best way to get started is to purchase a starter kit through a doTERRA Wellness Advocate (NOT AMAZON)! A starter kit gives you the most popular oils that you can use to start eliminating toxins in your home as well as replacing your beauty products. In addition, with every kit you'll also get a FREE wholesale membership to doTERRA and a deeper discount on the oils.  Wholesale pricing provides you a discount of 25% off retail with every purchase. This privilege is similar to a Costco membership where you can buy as much or as little as you choose, whenever you desire, while receiving a substantial discount. There are no minimum purchase requirements or monthly orders required. 

You can buy either of these kits through my doTERRA Shop site HEREI appreciate you supporting my small business!                                        


  • As a new wholesale member with me, you will receive 25% off all of your purchases from dōTERRA. 
  • There are no minimums or monthly purchase requirements. 
  • You will also receive a complimentary 30 minute wellness consult with me to customize your essential oil usage 
  • Access to our members only Facebook page for ongoing support, 
  • A free copy of my ebook, Essential Oils for a More Blissful Mind, Body, & Home filled with my favorite essential oil recipes to get you started. 

If you have a question, you can submit it in my contact page.


Here is a list of essential oils that you can purchase individually to start adding to your collection to get started on purifying the air in your home. Since we know that each essential oil has multiple uses, I’ve also listed what each one can also be used for so you can begin to hopefully experience one of the most beneficial aspects of essential oils, the fact that each one has multiple uses and promotes holistic health:

Lemon essential oil: Also helps with focus & concentration & skin infections

Grapefruit essential oil: Also helps relieve stress, head tension, and exhaustion

Lavender essential oil: Also helps heal scrapes, relieve stress, and tension around the neck

Rosemary essential oil: Also helps with memory enhancement, dandruff, and hair loss

Cypress essential oil: Also helps with menstrual cramps and hot flashes

Cedarwood essential oil: Also helps with repelling insects

Lemongrass essential oil: Also helps with insect bites and muscle aches

Here's where you can get any of these.

These potent beauties we call essential oils are what I attribute to putting me on the fast track of being a blissed mama. A blissed mama is a mother (or woman) that experiences the full potential of life by constantly seeking ways to improve the body, mind, emotion, and our home in natural ways. I take that concept even further by building a business around essential oils because I love sharing my passion to help others and it’s given me the ability to have complete control over what was the biggest stressor in my life, work, while truly making an impact on the holistic health of others.

May this article inspire you to start taking advantage of the benefits of diffusing essential oils on a daily basis in your home. Let me know by commenting below and tell me which blend you love most!

Wondering about other ways to use essential oils? 

You can download this free eBook that includes 100 Uses for Essential Oils. 

Disclaimer: Not everyone is the same. That sounds obvious, but when it comes to using essential oils, although a particular essential oil might suit most people, there are likely to be some for whom that particular essential oil is not so effective. When using essential oils, don’t be disheartened if a particular oil isn’t as effective for you as it may seem for others; simply choose another that has similar properties. It’s important to always use high-quality oils with extraction methods that are working towards healing our planet and its inhabitants. For best practices for your safety, consult a medical professional before starting a wellness routine. This post is for informational purposes only and an avenue for me to share with you how I use my oils. Essential oils are not designed to cure, prevent, or treat disease. 

This post also contains affiliate links, but as always, I recommend only the products I would use and bring into my home. Thank you for your support!