3 Reasons You Haven't Achieved Your Goals

Are you one of the 41% of people who make New Years Resolutions? If so, it's likely that your goals fall into one of these 10 areas according to research conducted by Scranton University.

The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions Are:
1. Lose weight
2. Self improvement
3. Improve finances
4. Quit smoking
5. Do more exciting things
6. Spend more time with friends & family
7. Work out more frequently
8. Learn something new
9. Do more good deeds
10. Find love

But did you know that over 90% of people who create New Year's resolutions fail to achieve them?

Goal setting and failure is not unique to just New Year’s resolutions; it is estimated that only 3% of adults have written goals, and of these 3%, only 1% are achieving their goals. But why are the number of people setting and achieving goals so low?

I’ve spent my career helping people set and achieve their goals. I started when I was an occupational therapist with my patients as I helped them recover following a significant illness, disease, or tragedy. Now that I am a certified holistic health coach and
business mentor I have continued to help people make their goals a reality. Throughout my career, I've interacted closely with goal-oriented people and I can quickly identify characteristics that either set people up to crush their goals or limit them from achieving their highest potential. 

Here’s what I’ve learned about WHY people don’t achieve their goals and what you can do about it.

#1. Do You Know What You Actually Want?

This may seem incredibly obvious, but you would be surprised how many people I work with who either don’t know what they want or are very vague about what they want as an outcome. Without specifics of what you want, how do you know what steps to take to make your goal a reality or know what to do when you have achieved that goal?

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood many people loose their ability to dream. They forget that they are surrounded by unlimited possibilities and opportunities. Truth bomb: the life you have right now is a direct reflection of your current thoughts and beliefs. If you want to change things in your life, you have to change the beliefs you currently have about your life. You have the power to change your circumstances. The first step is deciding WHAT you want.

The Solution: Start Dreaming Again!

Seriously, get out of your head and start exploring unlimited possibilities. Here are a few questions that might help you to understand what your dream is so that you can start slaying it. Let’s have a little fun here!

If time and money were NOT a concern…..
What would you be doing right NOW?
What would your ideal day look like?
Who would you be spending time with?
Where would you be living?

What would you be driving?
What would you be giving?
How would you be leaving your legacy?

If you need a little more guidance reflecting on different areas of your life and what you would like to experience more of, grab a journal and check out my post,
3 Steps to Create a Life You Love. I'll walk you through 4 areas of your life where most people are seeking improvement including health, relationships, finances, and spiritual/personal growth.

If you aren't living in your zone of genius or don't even know what I'm talking about, you will want to grab a copy of, “
The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. Hendricks will help you release internal limits, let go of outdated fears, tap into who you are truly meant to be, and live in your zone of genius.  I’m warning you, it may cause transformation! After reading this book, I left my corporate career to pursue my dreams.

#2) You Don’t Have a Plan to Achieve What You Want

The next reason people are not achieving their goals or their highest potential is because they may have identified a “dream” but not a “goal.” A dream is a concept of what one may desire, a goal is measurable and requires actionable steps to achieve it.

The results we see in our life are a direct reflection of our habits. Our choices create our habits which create our routines. If we want to change our results, we have to change our habits and create a routine that supports our goals.

If you need a little motivation around your daily habits, grab a copy of "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson. You will learn about the impact of small, seemingly insignificant tasks that when done on a daily basis are what make up who we are. The magic happens in our daily actions and daily disciplines. Every choice, every action is either moving us closer to or further away from our dreams. Let that one sink in for a moment.

The Solution: Create Daily Habits and Routines That Support Your Goals

For example, if your goal is to achieve a certain level in your business 3 months from today what DAILY steps, habits, and routines do you need to create to achieve this goal? Do you need to dedicate a certain amount of time a day for content creation, phone calls, consults, networking, etc.? What is the most productive thing you could be doing to move your business forward right now? How can you make these activities fit into your daily life?

Don't know WHAT needs to be part of your routine to achieve your goals?  

No sweat! Remember, you are surrounded by unlimited opportunities including opportunities for learning and mentorship. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and have done or are doing what you want to do. Sometimes these mentors come in the form of new friends, business partners, paid coaches, podcasters, YouTubers, e-Courses, seminars, and books.

If one week was equivalent to one month in your life or business what would you create THIS week? If you are an entrepreneur and need help breaking this down, "
The 12 Week Year" will be your ultimate guide! You will learn how to accomplish more in 3 months than most people do in a year! This perspective was a game changer for me. There is no reason to wait until January 1st to reflect and re-evaluate your goals. The best time is NOW.

#3) Your Desire for Change isn't Greater Than Your Desire to Stay the Same

This one is a BIGGIE!!

I am all about being joyful in every moment and enjoying the present. This is not to be confused with being stagnant and settling for situations or circumstances in our life because changing them would be uncomfortable.

The process of growth can be uncomfortable. For example: if you want to lose weight, your muscles may be sore and you might be craving foods that are not nutritious for you. If you want to start a business, you may be temporarily sacrificing time, energy and resources to launch it. If you want to remove yourself from a toxic relationship the transition may challenge your limits.

The Solution: Release Fear, Doubt, and Worry

Often times when we are seeking growth, we must expand our comfort zone. Basing too many decisions from this space is what limits people from achieving their highest potential.

When an individual is challenged by stepping outside of their current comfort zone many people quit. They allow fear, doubt, and worry to creep in. They begin to justify their current situation, limit their true potential, and give up on their dreams.

The solution for this one is a life long process of cultivating belief and trusting the universe has your back. You are capable of achieving far more than you ever imagined! It's likely that a mentor you admire so much had similar fears, doubts, and worries at some point in their life.

Cultivating belief is a daily process. Spend time with people who lift you up, love you unconditionally, and bring joy to your life. Fill your mind daily with inspiration that continues to be a catalyst for your growth.

The fastest way I have found to build up your belief muscle is through reading or listening to personal growth books and audios. This is HUGE coming from me considering I didn't finish a single book until graduate school. To say I disliked reading would have been an understatement!

If you implement nothing else from the advice I've shared with you today, I invite you to invest 10 minutes a day into your personal growth for a minimum of 30 days. I recommend this 10 minutes be spent reading a book or listening to an audio that fuels your heart with passion and reminds you of your unlimited potential. There are hundreds to choose from in the personal growth section of your favorite book store (or Audible app if you are like me). To narrow down your search, I'm going to leave you with 2 of my favorites to get you started.

When you are ready to release outdated fears and elevate belief within yourself, you will want to read "
The Universe Has Your Back" by Gabrielle Bernstein and my all time favorite, "You Are a Badass" by Jen Sincero. Both of these authors will give it to you straight, strengthen your personal belief muscle, and help move you towards the best version of yourself. 

If you've made it to the end of this post, I already know you are in the top 3% and have everything within you to accomplish what you truly desire! You absolutely deserve it! Cheers to committing to and crushing your goals!

Peace, love, & oils,


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