Detox Your Toddler's Bath Routine

From Clorox Wipes to Dove soap, American mom's have become obsessed with cleanliness.

For good reason: over all of human history, a majority of our death toll comes from infections, diseases, viruses, and bacteria. It's only natural that as mother's we want to do everything in our power to protect our children from these ailments. We wipe and scrub and clean until every surface of our living space shines and the whole place smells lemony fresh.

But what if, although we're getting rid of harmful bacteria, we're also adding new toxins to our children's environment?

In a
TIME's article written by Stacy Malkan in March 2016, she writes about Jacqueline Fox, a Missourian woman whose family won a $72 million lawsuit from Johnson & Johnson due to the fact that Mrs. Fox passed away from ovarian cancer that was linked to their famous baby powder and "Shower to Shower products". Mrs. Fox had used their products for years, and although Johnson & Johnson knew that their products contained cancerous chemicals, they did nothing to pull their product or remove those cancerous chemicals.

Most American mothers trust Johnson & Johnson with the health of their children, yet that trusted company has been using toxic chemicals knowingly in their products for years. They aren't the only company doing so either.

In a study done by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, most common children's hygiene products contained formaldehyde and 1,4 - dioxane, two toxins known to cause cancer. These are only two of the harmful toxins that they found within children's products;  you can find lists of chemicals used in everyday products here on their website.

As a mother trying to maintain the health of our children I couldn't ignore the facts; and neither should you. But what do you we do instead to keep our children clean, healthy and happy?

I'm happy to tell you that their is a natural, safe, and toxin-free way to do this without the use of mainstream hygiene products that will keep your child clean and fresh.

Using natural products such as essential oils and coconut oil, your child can be clean and toxin-free with no worries whatsoever! Keep reading below to see how you can turn to natural products to keep your children healthy and detox their bath routine.

What to Add to Your Child's Bath:

1 cup of pure mineral sea salts (2 cups for adults)

1 drop of frankincense essential oil (2-3 drops for adults)

1 drop of lavender essential oil(2-3 drops for adults)

1 drop of geranium essential oil (2 drops  for adults)

1 effervescent Vitamin C tablet to de-chlorinate and alkalize the water in the tub

It's that simple! Now your child can be clean without fear of toxic chemicals and without the use of expensive soaps and cleansers. What's great about this recipe is that you can use it for your own bath and shower routine as well!

Additional Bath Time Tips!

1. Don't use soap; you really don't need it!
2. Try using a sulfate free shampoo, like the doTERRA protective shampoo; it is safe for all ages and hair types.
3. If moisturizer is needed after bath time, combine fractionated coconut oil, lavender, and frankincense for an all-natural moisturizer for baby soft skin.

If you want more information on the benefits of essential oils, feel free to check out this comprehensive doTERRA usage guide that gives you more information how essential oils can improve your life.

How to puchase doTERRA?

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