A Busy Mom's Guide to Creating More Joy, Peace, & Abundance

Hey there busy mama, I see you! I know what it's like to balance your life, career, and family all while trying to keep it together. You can do more in one day than most people do in a week. You are a real life super woman!

I have a question for you. When was the last time you took time out for yourself to do something you love? Do you take time to nourish yourself regularly?

I know what you are thinking, when would I have time to do that?! I've been there! I understand what it feels like and I've witnessed first hand what all the constant hustle can do can do to one's health and family.

As a child, I watched my mother become constantly exhausted and emotionally distant as a result of being overworked. While I watched her live in "survival mode" it helped me become even more aware of the mindfulness and connection I wanted to create within my family.

But, sadly, what I found over time was that I was falling into the same pattern as my own mother as an overworked and stressed person; I began to live for work. As I did this, I noticed that my health began to drastically decline.

I was exhausted, my hair began to fall out, and my skin looked aweful;. My poor (but supportive) husband had to withstand all the horrible mood swings I had from being totally out of balance both physically and mentally.

During this time, I went to an appointment with a holistic health doctor who told me that if I kept going on the path I was on, there was a high chance that I would develop an autoimmune disease. This was a HUGE wake up call to me.

This is what spurred my journey towards a healthier and more stable lifestyle through holistic health and healing. Over time I realized that my career as an occupational therapist no longer fit my lifestyle. Instead of rehabilitating  people recover from illness, I wanted to help people prevent illness and teach them how to lead a more holistic life while they were still well.

One of the ways I do this is by teaching people how to bring more joy into their lives through nurturing themselves, which then leads them to nurture their families as well. One way that I convey this message is that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity, especially as a mother.

As mom's, we're constantly giving to and nurturing others. We're always filling up other people's cups while ignoring our own, which can deplete us of energy and happiness. When we get like this, we end up having nothing to give to our family, which then leads us down a path to more depletion.

This is where the Joy List comes in.

A Joy List is simply a list of things that I create that I know will bring me joy and fill my own cup of happiness back up. It's a constant reminder that I should take time out of my hectic week to spend it nurturing myself and cultivating my wealth of joy. I have a wide range of activities and things on my Joy List; from expensive to free or from time consuming to not, I try to incorporate at least one or two of the items on my list into my week.

Some of these items for me include going out and taking time in nature, my five minute meditation for busy moms (which you can find here), and using my favorite doTERRA essential oil blends to calm me down.

Not only does this Joy List give me a way to be kind to myself, but it also gives me the ability to be present and mindful when it comes to my family because when I take time for myself, I find that I have even more love and joy to give to my family.

Making your own Joy List will take you very little time, and even just writing down all the things that bring you joy will make you even more joyful in the moment!

Recently, I was invited as a guest speaker on, "The Peaceful Motherhood Summit" and was interviewed by motherhood coach, Maurine Huber. On this interview, I share my tips on how to bring even more joy to the journey of motherhood. You can catch the replay of the interview below.

Hey Mama, are you ready to create your own joy list? Here is your free downloadable guide with how to create a your own personalized Joy List and over 25 ideas to help you get started.

I hope that your own Joy Lists bring you as much happiness as mine does for me:)

Peace, love, & oils,

Rigel Smith

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