So you want to talk about nutrition? 

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Truth is, there’s a lot of contradictory and even outright false information floating around about nutritional wellness. We all know we need to get enough protein but sorting through all the different brands and types can be intimidating. This is why dōTERRA decided to carry their mission to Pursue What’s Pure into supplemental nutrition products.
Modern day diets tend to fall short in certain areas when it comes to providing your body with the amount of nutrients it needs to fuel itself properly. To combat this dōTERRA created a protein powder that is specifically formulated to fill in the gaps between what we take in through our diet and what our bodies actually need.

Protein is necessary for: 

·  building muscle
·  helping the body recover after workouts
·  managing appetite
·  supporting a healthy immune system response
·  providing the body with energy and stamina to perform functions like building cells
In addition, dōTERRA’s protein is sugar free, keto friendly, and high protein/low carb diet friendly. A traditional American diet is filled with sugar and reducing that sugar intake is vital in improving overall health.

dōTERRA currently offers two types of protein…

1.    Whey Protein
2.    Vegan Protein
dōTERRA Whey Protein

The whey protein comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Both flavors taste phenomenal.

My daughter reports that the chocolate one tastes like melted chocolate ice cream.
Her favorite combination is either the chocolate or vanilla whey.  We blend up one scoop of either flavor with frozen blueberries, half a banana, a little bit of frozen spinach (per her request), and almond milk.
That is her favorite go to smoothie and she's getting 21 grams of protein in that serving.

(The below information was copied from dōTERRA’s product information page. You can read the full article here.)

“dōTERRA Whey Protein provides 21 grams of a premium protein blend, from pasture-fed cows, to help you reach the recommended dietary allowance of protein and keep your body functioning at optimal capacity.
Whey is one of the most nutritionally complete proteins and easy to digest without gas or bloating.
As an added bonus, each serving also contains 7 grams of fiber to help manage appetite and assist overall digestive health.
Formulated without GMOs, gluten, soy, and RBST hormone, dōTERRA protein offers the quality ingredients you expect to support a healthy lifestyle.
dōTERRA Protein is naturally sweetened with monk fruit and stevia and is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors.
Where you get your protein from matters, so choose a source that you can trust, a company whose very name--dōTERRA--says it all: Gift from the Earth.”

dōTERRA Vegan Protein

(The below information was copied from dōTERRA’s product information page. You can read the full article here.)
“Supplementing protein is especially important for those who live a vegan lifestyle and that’s why dōTERRA also offers an option for those who require plant-sourced protein.
dōTERRA Vegan Protein contains 21g of a protein blend of sources such as pea, brown rice, pumpkin seed, sacha inchi, and flax seed.
When eating a plant-based diet, it is important to consume protein from a variety of sources to receive a profile of all 20 amino acids and that’s exactly what dōTERRA Vegan Protein delivers.
Each serving of dōTERRA Vegan Protein also contains 7 grams of fiber to help manage appetite and is sweetened naturally by monk fruit and stevia.
dōTERRA Vegan protein is formulated without GMOs, gluten, and soy.”

The plant-based protein has some really unique proteins. It has pea protein, brown rice, flaxseed, oat flour, sacha inchi seed protein, and quinoa green powder.
I have tried a lot of plant-based proteins in my day and I will tell you this is by far the best tasting plant protein I've ever had. That being said, the whey protein in my opinion does taste better and it's creamier, but for my friends who can’t digest dairy properly or who chose not to eat dairy this is the perfect option for you.
I have some dairy sensitivities and try to keep my dairy intake low, so I have been using the plant-based protein powder.
What I've been mixing for myself every morning is a combination of one scoop of the plant-based protein powder, ice, almond milk, half a banana, peanut butter (can't go wrong with peanut butter), and a little bit of cocoa powder since the plant based only comes in vanilla.
It tastes almost like a banana, chocolate, peanut butter, milkshake. It tastes like dessert! Who doesn't love that?
I am getting 21 grams of protein per serving. Now the full scoop of protein is a little thick, so if you prefer you can use half a scoop or 3/4 of a scoop and you'll still be getting a good amount of protein.

Primary Benefits of dōTERRA’s Protein Powder

(this is directly from dōTERRA’s product information page, you can read that here)

·      Premium protein blends
·      All-natural flavors, sweetened with monk fruit and stevia
·      Well-balanced amino acids profile necessary to enhance energy and  increase stamina
·      Helps control appetite
·      Provides the body the necessary nutrients that it needs to produce ATP
·      Supports muscle growth and recovery
·      Free from GMO, gluten, soy, and RBST hormone
·      Vegan friendly (vegan formula)

You can view the key studies here.

But what about all those greens you know you should be eating, but are not?

I want you to know that I understand why it is hard to eat the daily recommended fruits and vegetables. First of all, it can be expensive, fruits and vegetables expire quickly which can mean more trips to the grocery store. Second, it can be time consuming to prepare fruits and vegetables.

But how much are you actually supposed to eat because everyone has a different answer? 

70% of adults do not consume the daily recommended number of vegetables.

1 out of every 3 adults do not consume the daily recommended amount of fruit.

dōTERRA is committed to giving their customers the resources to build a healthy foundation and that starts with what they eat.

Insert dōTERRA Greens

dōTERRA Greens was created with the intention of closing the gap between the number of fruits and vegetables people were consuming versus the amount they needed to consume in order to build that healthy foundation.
dōTERRA Greens is designed to supplement, not replace, your fruit and vegetable consumption. As with all dōTERRA products the ingredients are wholesome and responsibly sourced.
dōTERRA Greens solves many of the problems that can lead to not eating enough fruits and veggies. With the greens powder you can conveniently meet your recommended intake goals without all the extra time required for prep. The greens powder is also affordable (with a wholesale account it is even more affordable.)
(The below information is taken directly from dōTERRA’s product information page. You can read the full text here.)
“With pure, plant-sourced, and nourishing ingredients, doTERRA Greens supports healthy immune function, digestion, weight management, and energy.
A mix of superfoods are packed in dōTERRA Greens to provide you a nutritious boost.
One scoop of dōTERRA Greens powder provides the nutritional equivalency of approximately one to two servings of fruits and vegetables.”
I'm super excited about the greens, this is my favorite new thing that that dōTERRA has come out with. So, you're going to get a serving of fruits and vegetables and superfoods in this one scoop of greens."

Check out the Superfoods in here:

·      noni leaf
·      acia
·      moringa
·      gojiberry
·      dandelion
·      pineapple
·      mango

You also get a lot of the greens:

·      kale
·      alfalfa
·      barley grass
·      oat grass
·      collard greens
·      parsley
·      spinach
·      cabbage
There are also lemon and ginger essential oils included in the greens powder.

It is certified gluten free, for my gluten free friends.

You use this by adding it to a fruit-based smoothie. The smoothies that I make for my daughter usually contain frozen fruit, which make it taste delicious.
I personally like the flavor of it on its own, it's like refreshing water. I just add one scoop to my water; this is usually part of my morning routine.
I stir until the water and the powder mix completely, so there's not going to be a bunch of chunks or anything. It will turn a pretty green color, if that's not your favorite put in glass where you don't have to look at it.
 It tastes like a really light refreshing fruit water; there's a hint of lemon and you do taste the greens a little bit.
The greens taste is not an unpleasant taste, but you know there's greens in there so the taste is not completely covered.
I try to drink at least 3 liters of water a day and sometimes I will just mix a scoop in my water bottle to sip on.  
Again, the greens are vegan friendly, non-GMO, and gluten free.

“Death begins in the colon.” 

This statement was said by Russian scientist, Ellie Metchnikoff, who won the Nobel Prize. The statement is very true.
Colon health is vital to living a long and healthy life. The digestive tract, especially the colon, is the sewer system of the body; and that system requires regular cleaning if you want to stay healthy.
Signs of a toxic colon include irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, stomach pain, lack of energy, digestive problems…
It has been said that a toxic colon contributes to almost every disease suffered by the human race.
The truth is we take in toxins every day, it’s in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. That coupled along with a typical American diet that is low in fiber can lead to a toxic colon.
So how do you combat these issues and keep your colon clean? Well, the first step would be to reduce the amount of toxins you consume, but the second step would be to ensure you are getting enough fiber in your diet.
Even with healthy and clean diets the majority of people are only getting about half the amount of daily fiber they need for a healthy colon.
dōTERRA created a convenient and delicious way to supplement your fiber intake. 

I want you to get the facts in a direct and easy to understand way, so the below information is copied directly from dōTERRA’s product information page. You can read the full page here.

“dōTERRA Fiber is sourced from whole food sources like apple, tapioca, and flax seed to support a healthy and regular digestive system, control appetite, and support the metabolic process.

Fiber is a fantastic macronutrient that supports many different health functions within the body, not just the digestive system, including the cardiovascular and the immune systems.

The importance of a healthy gut microbiome and its relation to the immune system has recently become an area of scientific studies.
Research has shown much of your immune system can be found in the GI tract.

The addition of the special prebiotic blend in dōTERRA Fiber provides food for probiotics in the gut to support a healthy microbiome and immune system.

The prebiotic blend contains Fructooligosaccharide from chicory root and Jerusalem artichoke, Isomaltooligosaccharide, and Xylooligosaccharide.

dōTERRA TerraZyme® and PB Assist+® also support the microbiome and dōTERRA Fiber is the perfect addition to your digestive and immune health regimen.”

I wasn’t sure what to do with the fiber when I first got it; I've never had a supplemental fiber. I learned that fiber is really important to help with blood sugar levels, it also helps scour the intestines, so it helps to clean everything out.

 Only 5 or 6% of us are really getting enough fiber naturally from our diet. This product is a great way to supplement that. I have found it works best for me to drink a scoop of the fiber mixed with a glass of water after dinner but before bed, when I get the munchies. Make sure to drink the whole glass of water with it.

This helps me feel full without being bloated. This is not your grandma’s Metamucil fiber; it actually tastes really good. It tastes like a really diluted apple juice. There is apple pectin and apple fibers, so the flavor it gives off is really diluted Apple juice with a touch of lemon.

I truly love how this has been making me feel. I like that the fiber has cut down on my cravings at night and I like that it leaves me feeling satisfied. I also like that it keeps my bowel movements regular. And as I mentioned above getting enough fiber and having regular bowel movements are absolutely vital to good colon health.

That wraps up the nutritional updates from dōTERRA. You can get the greens, the fibers, and the protein all together in the Foundational Habits Kit or you can buy these separately when they're available.

If you need help getting set up with any of these products, please let me know.

But before you go, I want to give you dōTERRA’s free Nutrition Line Cookbook eBook. Just click the link and then you can download the eBook to your computer or just bookmark it.

As a reminder here is the link to the YouTube video I did on these three products as well.

Bye for now.


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