20 doTERRA Essential Oil Gifts for Under 25 Dollars

With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to share with you 20 permanent items for doTERRA's collections that you can grab right now for gift giving this holiday season. 

In the past few weeks I have shared with you, 5 Minute Lavender Oatmeal Soap & 14 Other Easy DIY Essential Oil Gift Ideas and  8 Simple Essential Oil Infused Treats for Gifting. Both of those articles are great if you enjoy making your own gifts and have time. I recommend checking them out! There are some super simple recipes that you could whip up in a few minutes. 

In this article you will find 20 doTERRA items all under $25 that you can pair with your DIY gifts, or if you just want to buy something and forget it, here are 20 different ideas for products your loved ones will enjoy receiving. 


1. dōTERRA Spa Hydrating Body Mist with Beautiful Blend  

Retail: $33.33 
Wholesale: $25.00
This product does not receive enough hype, in my opinion. This is a great gift for the person in your life who loves perfumes and body sprays, but wants a non-tox option. It smells phenomenal and you can just spray and go. 

2. dōTERRA Spa Detoxifying Mud Mask

Retail: $19.33
Wholesale: $14.50
A luxurious mud mask anyone would love receiving. This is great for keeping skin glowing and beautiful, and can also be used to detoxify your arm pits. I sometimes use a dab of this overnight on pimples and they are gone the next morning. 

3. doTERRA Spa Exfoliating Body Scrub 

Retail: 26.00
Wholesale: 19.50 

Another option from the spa line is this body scrub. This scrub is infused with Wild Orange, Grapefruit, and Ginger essential oils. It is great for gently exfoliating and polishing the skin. 

4. doTERRA Spa Replenishing Body Butter 

Retail: $23.33
Wholesale $17.50 

Gift this to the someone in your life who loves a little pampering. This luxurious feeling body butter is infused with Wild Orange, Douglas Fir, and Frankincense essential oils. You could pair this with the Exfoliating Body Scrub for a gift your loved ones will thank you for. 

5. doTERRA Spa Lip Balm 3 Pack 

Retail: 20.00 
Wholesale: 15.00

This three pack of lip balm comes with an herbal, original, and tropical scent. They are great for hydrating and soothing lips during those cold, dry winter months. These would make a great stocking stuffer or teacher gift. 

6. doTERRA Kids Collection Oils w/ 101 Days of Gratitude Journal 

Retail: 140.00
Wholesale: 105.00

Looking for a non toy item to gift the kiddos in your life? Look no further, these kids collection oils make a great gift that parents and kids approve of. These oils are already diluted and formulated so that kids can put these on by themselves. Each of these oils purchased separately is under $25, but if you have a couple kids to buy for, I recommend buying the set as a whole and splitting it up. There are 7 oils that come in this collection, so purchasing the set at wholesale price would mean spending about $15 per oil. You could pair each oil with a little stuffed animal and boom, you got a kid the kids will love. 

Another great pairing option to pair with this oil collection is this Gratitude Journal my daughter and I made together. This journal helps to cultivate gratitude in children. It includes daily prompts to identify what children are thankful for, how they are feeling, something they would like to remember about the day, and free space to draw something that makes them feel happy.

Listed below you will find the individual oils that come in this collection and their prices, in case you want to purchase some of them separately. 


Retail: $21.33
Wholesale: $16.00


Retail: $25.33
Wholesale: $19.00


Retail: $18.67
Wholesale: $14.00


Retail: $20.00
Wholesale: $15.00


Retail $20.00
Wholesale: $15.00


Retail: $20.00
Wholesale: $15.00 


Retail: $28.00 
Wholesale: $21.00

7. Introductory Kit

Retail: $26.67 
Wholesale: $20.00

Looking for a gift for someone who doesn't know a lot about essential oils? This Introductory Kit from doTERRA is the perfect place for anyone to get started with essential oils. It comes with 5mL Lemon essential oil, 5mL Lavender essential oil, and 5mL Peppermint essential oil. 

8. Yoga Collection Oils 

Retail: $69.33
Wholesale: $52.00

Each of the oils can be purchased separately or you can purchase the set and split the oils up to keep your gift under $25. I like to give these oils as a gift to my yoga instructors for the holidays or as gifts for my daughters teachers. The set includes: 5mL Anchor Steadying Blend, 5mL Align essential oil, and 5mL Arise Enlightening blend. If you purchase the set, each oil comes out to around $17. 

9. Deep Blue Stick

Retail: $32.67 
Wholesale: $24.50 

This is a new product from doTERRA and is great for the athlete in your life. This convenient, on-the-go stick is infused with doTERRA Deep Blue Soothing Blend and Copaiba. This is great for sore muscles and body discomfort. 

10. Adaptiv Touch 

Retail: $26.67
Wholesale: $20.00

Adaptiv Touch Calming Blend  is an on-the-go solution to life's stressful moments, feelings of restlessness, or anxious feelings. This is great gift for anyone in your life who may work in stressful situations or often deals with anxious feelings. 

11. doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit 

Retail: $133.33 
Wholesale: $100.00 

This kit comes pre-diluted with fractionated coconut oil and in roller bottles for the 
convenience of just rolling these oils whenever you feel like you need some emotional support. There are 6 10mL Roll-ons in this kit. You can purchase each of these oils separately. If you purchase the kit the oils come out to around $16 each. Below you will find the oils included in this set and their prices. 

doTERRA Cheer Touch

Retail: $21.67
Wholesale: $16.25

doTERRA Console Touch

Retail: $32.00
Wholesale: $24.00

doTERRA Forgive Touch

Retail: $17.33
Wholesale: $13.00

doTERRA Motivate Touch

Retail: $20.00 
Wholesale: $15.00

doTERRA Passion Touch

Retail: $36.33
Wholesale: $27.35

doTERRA Peace Touch

Retail: $26.67
Wholesale: $20.00

12. Citrus Bliss 

Retail: $24.00
Wholesale: $18.00

This is a great option for the person in your life who loves candles or room sprays. Candles have been proven to be toxic and this is a great option for diffusing in your home to make it smell amazing without all the harsh toxins floating through the air. 

13. Abode 

Retail: $32.67
Wholesale: $24.50

This is doTERRAs Refreshing Blend and it smells bright and clean. It smells fresh, bright, and clean with just the smallest hint of Cassia, which has a spicy scent. If you are familiar with doTERRA’s Purify blend, I would say it smells kind of like Purify without the Cilantro, even those Abode does have Cilantro in it. You can diffuse this oil to purify the air and kill airborne pathogens, which is one of the reasons it was designed. This is perfect for the person in your life that loves a clean house or is very neat. 

14. Wild Orange

Retail: $13.33
Wholesale: $10.00

Wild Orange Oil is a great year-round oil, but I love the way that the fresh bright citrus smells when mixed with the aroma of the warming spices. This is the oil of abundance, so you can’t go wrong with wild orange. Similar to Cassia Oil, Wild Orange, also helps to cleanse the air.

15. Breathe

Retail: $29.33
Wholesale: $22.00

doTERRA Breathe helps airways feel clear and promotes easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. This is a perfect gift for anyone during the winter months. 

16. Lavender Touch 

Retail: $20.00
Wholesale: $15.00

Lavender is well known for its calming properties. Lavender Touch is great for calming restlessness, helps with sleep, and minor skin irritation. This is honestly a universal gift that is great for everyone. It is already pre-diluted and can be used on children and babies. 

17. Balance 

Retail: $28.00
Wholesale: $21.00

This is doTERRA's Grounding Blend and would make a great gift for the person in your life who needs a little a grounding or loves to relax. 

18. doTERRA On Guard Hand Sanitizing Mist 

Retail: $8.67
Wholesale: $6.50

This is a great option for a stocking stuffer to keep your loved ones well this winter. This spray is convenient and can be kept in the car, in backpacks, or in your purse. 

19. doTERRA On Guard Protecting Throat Drops 

Retail: $16.00
Wholesale: $12.00

These throat drops would make another great stocking stuffer. Pair these with an On Guard Hand Sanitizing spray and a lip balm, and you've got a gift everyone on your list will appreciate. 

20. doTERRA Spa Rose Hand Lotion 

Retail: $20.00
Wholesale: $20.00

Another great gift idea for the person in your life who loves smelling amazing and indulges in pampering themselves. This Rose Hand Lotion will keep your loved ones hand silky smooth this winter and they will love the way it smell. Plus, 100% of the purchase price goes directly to doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation!

I hope this article helps you pick out some gifts that anyone would love receiving. Happy Shopping! 

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