doTERRA Essential Oil Diffuser Review

With so many options for diffusers, which one should you buy? 

I have you covered my friends!
Today, I am going to review all 7 of doTERRA’s diffusers, tell you which ones I like best, what size diffuser to buy based on the size of the room, and why diffusing essential oils is so important.

Let's get started!
First, why should I diffuse essential oils? 

Reasons to Diffuse Essential Oils 
  1. Purifies the air 
  2. Uplifts mood
  3. Soothes emotions 
  4. Respiratory Support 
  5. Boosts the immune system 
Essential oils are known for their aromatic properties. Diffusing essential oils is one of the easiest and best ways to reap the benefits of the oils, to dose your whole family, and to make your house smell good without all the chemicals found in traditional room spray and in certain candles.
Essential oils help to improve the functions of the limbic system in the brain, where our emotions reside, by increasing serotonin levels that stabilize our moods, improve our sleep quality, and help with digestion.
The limbic system is connected to the parts of the brain that control memory, stress levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and hormone balance. The olfactory system is made up of all the organs and cells that allow us to smell. Because these two systems are always in contact with one another inhalation is the fastest way for the beneficial aromatic properties of essential oils to travel to the brain and interact with the limbic system.

Essential Oils to Use for Purifying the Air

  1. Lemon
  2. Purify 
  3. Tea Tree 
  4. Lime 
  5. Siberian Fir 
  6. Eucalyptus  
  7. Lemongrass 
  8. Cilantro 
  9. Wild Orange 
  10. Rosemary

Oils to Uplift Mood 

  1. Wild Orange 
  2. Cheer 
  3. Cassia 
  4. Bergamot 
  5. Magnolia 
  6. Spearmint 
  7. Grapefruit 
  8. Eucalyptus 
  9. Motivate 
  10. Lime 


Oils to Use for Calming 

  1. Lavender 
  2. Copaiba 
  3. Vetiver 
  4. Cedarwood 
  5. Serenity 
  6. Frankincense 
  7. Balance 
  8. Adaptiv 
  9. Melissa 
  10. Neroli
  11. Rose 
  12. Roman Chamomile 


Oils for Respiratory Support  

  1. Peppermint 
  2. Breathe 
  3. Cardamom 
  4. Eucalyptus  
  5. Wild Orange  
  6. Rosemary 
  7. Lime 
  8. Tea Tree 
  9. Frankincense 
  10. Siberian Fir 

Oils to Boost Immune System 

  1. Lemon
  2. On Guard 
  3. Clove 
  4. Cinnamon 
  5. Tea Tree 
  6. Copaiba 
  7. Thyme 
  8. Black Pepper
  9. Frankincense 
  10. Marjoram 

When it comes to diffusing you can easily set the diffuser in the morning, forget about it, and still get the benefits throughout the whole day. Then at night when bedtime is approaching switch to diffusing calming oils that help with sleep.
My Favorite doTERRA Diffuser 

The Volo Diffuser

This comes in either Onyx black or a marble color. I absolutely love this diffuser because I can adjust the mist output, I can have a little mist or a lot of mist, I can turn it on for one hour or six hours; I feel like this diffuser will go for most of the day for me. I usually fill it up in the morning and then again in the evening time.
It has a 1, 3, 6, or 14 hour run setting.
The light on this one can be turned on or off. I keep this one by our bed because it is whisper quiet and does not interfere with our sleep by making a lot of noise. I also keep this one in my office, kitchen, and great room space because I like it that much. If I could only pick one diffuser this would be the one.

It covers a large square footage, around 300 sq ft.
If you are a doTERRA Wholesale Member, the price is $59.

Check out the cheat sheet below for my stats on all the diffusers.


The next one is called the Petal Diffuser.

It covers 330 square feet.
The Petal Diffuser has a run time of 2 and 6 hours continuously or 12 hours intermittently. Like the Volo it also has a light that can be turned on and off. When you purchase this diffuser through your Wholesale Membership account you will receive a free 5ml bottle of Wild Orange and a 5ml bottle of Lavender; those are two great oils for relaxing.
The Wholesale price of this diffuser is, $47.



Up next, we have the Roam diffuser.

This diffuser is wireless, so you charge it and then take it on the go. This is the perfect diffuser to use in a space where an outlet is not convenient like at a yoga class or as a centerpiece in the middle of the table.
It runs for 5 hours when using the power adapter and can run for 4 hours with a full charge. It can run intermittent for 10 hours when using the power adapter and 8 hours with a full charge.
This diffuser is beautiful, it is made with colorful ground stone. It has a very natural look and feel.
I love this diffuser, but I do struggle to keep devices charged, so this diffuser does not get a lot of use. I do not recommend this diffuser as your first or second diffuser. If you want this diffuser for its portable capabilities, I recommend buying it to use as a spare and not your main diffusers.   
The square footage range for this one is 270 sq ft. It also comes with the option to turn the light on or off.  
Wholesale price is, $52.

The Pilot Diffuser  

What I actually prefer a little bit more than the Roam Diffuser is the Pilot Diffuser, which is another portable diffuser. It is designed to be a car diffuser, so it is slim enough to fit into a cup holder.

I take this with me when I travel. I always turn it on right when I get to the hotel rooms to make sure everything smells fresh, and to get rid of any of the funk, especially now it's more important than ever.
I also put it next to my bed to help me sleep. It comes with a carrying case that has spots to put your oils and the charger. The charger can be plugged into the USB port in your car or your computer.
This diffuser does not hold a lot of water, but it gets the job done. It can run for 4 hours continuously or 8 hours intermittently, but I don’t think I’ve been able to use it for a full 8 hours.
It also come with a 12-month warranty.
The Wholesale price is, $37.50, making it less expensive than the Roam Diffuser.

The Brevi Diffuser 

The next diffuser I have is called the Brevi Diffuser. This design only comes when you start with one of the enrollment packages, it's not one you can buy separately.
I don't have all the individual stats and prices, but this is a good starter diffuser that comes in the Healthy Start Kit or the Healthy Essentials Kit. If you are able to choose between the Healthy Start Kit or the Healthy Essential Kit, I would upgrade to the Healthy Essentials Kit that comes with the Petal Diffuser just because it covers a little bit larger square footage and I feel like you get a little bit more value for your money.
 Overall the Brevi is still a great diffuser. I use this behind my little reading nook. It has lights that you can turn on and off and you have 5 choices for lighting color.
This diffuser will run continuously for 2 or 5 hours and will run intermittently for 10 hours.
The water reservoir is pretty small especially compared to the much larger Petal Diffuser.


The next two diffusers I am going to talk about, I don’t actually own. I already have a diffuser in every room of my house, so I just haven’t had a need to purchase a new diffuser.    


The Laluz Diffuser 

The Laluz Diffuser is a super elegant diffuser, with a frosted glass top. It is similar in size to the Volo.
It covers 330 sq ft.
Has 3 ambient light settings, with a run time of 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.
The Wholesale price is, $37.00.

The Dawn Aroma Humidifier is the last diffuser in this review.  

I do not own this diffuser simply because we have a whole house humidifier and don’t have a need for a personal humidifier.
This diffuser/humidifier has a much bigger reservoir than the other diffusers on this list and you can use up to 15 drops of essential oils; with the small diffusers I only add about 5 drops of oil.
I've heard great things about this diffuser/humidifier, and I think it is perfect for those of you looking to increase humidity in your home, especially in the wintertime if you live in a dry climate.
Do not use essential oils in your other humidifiers, it will mess up the plastic in them. This one was specifically made to add essential oils to.
It covers 270 sq ft and has a run time of 7, 12, or 22 hours.
The wholesale price is, $48.00.  
If you’re looking to buy a humidifier this really is the best of both worlds, you get a diffuser and humidifier in one.  

Honestly the most important thing is that you are using your diffusers and getting the benefits of diffusing essential oils throughout your home.
I am linking a separate blog post on how to clean your diffusers, because it’s important to keep them clean so they last a long time and continue to work properly.

I am also providing you with a free eBook from doTERRA that covers the aromatic use of essential oils. Click the link below to download your copy of the eBook.

If you would like to watch the video of my review on YouTube, click the link below.


If you still need to purchase a diffuser or you would like to purchase a Wholesale Membership, you can check those out here.

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