Tea Time With doTERRA Essential Oils | Essential Oil Infused Tea Recipes

Today I am inviting you to a virtual tea party!

Did you know that drinking tea has numerous benefits?

Certain teas have been shown to help 
  • Boost your immune system
  • Fight off inflammation
  • Help ease muscle spasms
  • Improve blood pressure
  • Keep hair strong and skin healthy
  • Provides relief from allergies
  • Improve digestion

Let’s make some essential oil infused tea. These teas are incredibly fun to make and you get the benefits of taking essential oils internally.
Please note that not all essential oils are meant to be taken internally, one way to tell if they are safe is to look at the back of the bottle for supplement facts. (I can only speak for doTERRA Essential Oils.)
There are a couple of different combinations of teas that I want to show you how to make.
Note: When I say TEA, I mean essential oils, hot water, and some citrus; as in cut up lemons, limes, oranges, and different combinations of each.

One of my favorites combinations is:
  • A slice of orange
  • One drop of ginger essential oil (you only need one drop essential oils are about 50 to 70 times more potent or more concentrated than the dried herb form)
  • Hot water to fill up your mug
The orange slice will bring some natural sweetness to the tea.
Now when you put essential oils with hot water, you're going to lose some of the properties of the oil, this happens anytime you heat the oils over about 160 degrees, but you're still going to have the flavor and there is still going to be some of the benefits.
For me I like this option kind of mid-day, after yoga. This is a great thing to do before bedtime or just to replace unhealthy cravings. You could put a little bit of honey in here if that's your thing to make it a little bit sweeter. The ginger and orange have such a nice flavor together.
Ginger is great for digestion; it's also warming making it a perfect oil to add to your teas during the winter months when it’s cold or snowing out. I live in Colorado, so when there is snow on the ground, I like to whip up a cup of this and it is kind of warms me from the inside out.
Ginger is also great for an upset stomach and you could drink it in a tea like this, but I actually prefer to put the oil into an empty vegetable capsule. doTERRA sells empty vegetable capsule that you can add whatever oils you like into them.

 Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

One of my favorite things to do is experiment with different flavors and I want to share my process of how I do that with you.
The way I experiment is, I smell an oil and try to imagine how it would taste with certain fruits. Recently I experimented with adding bergamot and lemon together. Bergamot is citrus smelling oil. It has a bright and fresh aroma; I absolutely love diffusing this oil. When I was working full time in a therapy clinic, I would get stressed out from the insane number of hours I was working. There were weeks I was working 40-50 and sometimes 60 hours a week. To combat the stress and uplift my mood I would diffuse bergamot in my diffuser. My coworkers would come in all the time and compliment how nice my office smelled and ask what I was using.

If you would like to watch the video of me experimenting with  you can do that below. 


For the next tea we are going to use bergamot essential oil.

Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil 

Bergamot oil is also a mood elevator, as are all citrus oils. It is also good for digestion and cleansing.

Now for the tea add
  • A slice of lemon to your mug
  • Start with 1 drop of bergamot essential oil (you can add more if you like, but start with one)
  • Add hot water to fill up your mug
Bergamot Oil is one of the oils that they use in traditional Earl Grey tea, so if you're a fan or Earl grey tea you will like this. If you don’t have any Earl Grey tea on hand, but want that flavor, try brewing some black tea and adding a drop of bergamot to the black tea.
You could also add more lemon juice to this tea and maybe even some honey.
I love this combination too, but not as much as my ginger tea. I don’t think I will like any of these teas as much as the ginger tea though.

Next one we're going to experiment with today is spearmint essential oil.

Benefits of Spearmint Essential Oil 

Spearmint is also another one that's really good for digestion. This is one that I like to diffuse around spring and summer time, it smells so fresh to me. My daughter really likes it too for some reason. She likes to combine it with lavender which kind of smells like a spa.

You can make a mouth rinse with this oil, you could use it in addition to your toothpaste by putting a drop on your toothbrush and swishing water with it, and you could also add it a drop to lemonade in the summer they make a spearmint lemonade.

Make a minty mouthwash with this recipe below. 
Spearmint Lime Tea
  • Squeeze some lime juice from a lime into your mug
  • 1 drop of spearmint (you really don’t need any more than 1 drop)
  • Hot water to fill up your mug

My friend Kim Peterson tells me lime is good with everything and I think she's right. If you like spearmint gum or candy this tea is going to be a win for you. You can add more lime juice as you see fit. This is another tea that would be good with or without honey. Honey is also good if you have a scratchy or sore throat; they honey will help to coat the throat and ease the discomfort.
Check out this fun recipe below, this is the perfect refreshing drink for the summer time. 

You could replace the spearmint oil with peppermint or leave out the lime and just have spearmint tea.
If I were to rate these three combinations of tea, I would rate them in this order…
  1. Ginger, Orange Tea
  2. Spearmint, Lime Tea
  3. Bergamot, Lemon Tea
I think I would like the bergamot, lemon tea with some actual black tea.

Next and final tea on this list is Green Mandarin and Orange Tea

  • Squeeze some orange juice from an orange into your mug
  • 1 drop of green mandarin essential oil
  • Hot water to fill up your mug

Check out some other ways to use Green Mandarin Essential Oil below. 
This tea has a very unique flavor it doesn't taste like an orange but doesn't quite taste like the green Mandarin. It tastes like a different kind of citrus fruit, kind of like you went on a tropical vacation and they have that fruit bar, at all-inclusive resorts, and you taste this fruit you've never had before… it tastes like that.

Benefits of Green Mandarin Essential Oil 

Green Mandarin is a citrus oil that comes from the rind. This one smells bright and fresh. I like to drink this in sparkling water sometimes with a little bit of grapefruit. It's cleansing to the GI system, as all the citrus oils are.

This is the only citrus oil that doTERRA has that isn't photosensitive. Essential oils that are made from the citrus rind are photosensitive, which means if you put it directly on your skin and go out in the sun some people are prone to sunburn in that specific area.
On the bottle it says that this oil is photosynthesizing, they did this for consistency, but it is actually not.

If you want some more fun recipes, check out my Instagram at The Blissed Mama, I'm doing some fun reels with recipes that aren't even making it over here on my blog or on YouTube.
Hopefully I will see you there and you can tell me some of your favorite tea combinations.
Happy Tea Making!

Wondering about other ways to use essential oils?

You can download this free eBook that includes 100 Uses for Essential Oils.

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