Detox Your Home's Cleaning Routine with doTERRA's Newest Abode Line

I am super excited to share more information about doTERRA’s new Abode Line. The Abode line was designed to keep your Abode, aka your home, clean without using harsh, toxic chemicals that could negatively impact the health of your family. 
Did you know that the air in most people’s homes are five times more polluted than the air outside? This is most often due to the cleaning products used for cleaning, laundry, hygiene, and skin care products, and even candles and air fresheners. 
In my post, Aroma Essentials Kit | doTERRA's Newest Starter Kit, you can read more about the toxins produced from candles and other mainstream air fresheners. 
The good news is with a few simple swaps you can decrease your toxic load. This is something that I am super passionate about, because of the experiences I had in my twenties of being on the verge of developing an autoimmune disorder. This video has more information on my story and how I repaired my gut health, gained more energy, balanced my hormones, and grew my hair back.  

One of the things that I had to do to eliminate triggers for the symptoms I was experiencing was to detox the products I was using in my home, including the cleaning products I was using. Back then I didn’t have a lot of guidance on how to do that, so I am super excited and thankful that doTERRA has made it easier for people to begin making the switch from toxic products to safer alternatives. 
The entire Abode Line was inspired by the new Abode essential oil. I mentioned this oil in my last article, doTERRA New Product Overview | Convention 2021, you can read more about the new products on the Abode Essential Oil there. 
Abode is your home, and this new oil will have your home smelling clean and fresh. 
It smells fresh and citrusy with a hint of spice. 
doTERRA did a hundred studies with 36 essential oils and they discovered that this blend of essential oils was the most effective at eliminating a whole list of different airborne and surface pathogens in our home. The results of the studies are going to be rolled out in the future, but I don't have all the details on this yet. 
This new essential oil blend can be added to water to make a powerful non-toxic cleaner for your home. It could also be used to make a DIY room spray, add a few drops to dryer balls, or diffuse to refresh any room. 
Primary Benefits 
  • Contains powerful surface cleansing essential oils 
  • Formula contains essential oils high in cleansing constituents including limonene, geranial, neral, and 1.8 cineole. 
  • Keeps your home smelling clean 
  • Provides a fresh, citrus aroma
The Abode Oil contains: 
  • Distilled Lime
  • Litsea
  • Cassia 
  • Lemon Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree 
  • Arborvitae 
  • Kochii Eucalyptus
  • Cilantro 
  • Lavandin
  • Lemon Myrtle
It smells fresh, bright, and clean with just the smallest hint of Cassia, which has a spicy scent. If you are familiar with doTERRA’s Purify blend, I would say it smells kind of like Purify without the Cilantro, even those Abode does have Cilantro in it. 
You can diffuse this oil to purify the air and kill airborne pathogens, which is one of the reasons it was designed. 
Once the oil was created and found to work, the idea for a new cleaning line was formed and that is how we got the new Abode Line. 
If you want you can certainly get creative and make your own cleaning products, but if you want cleaning products from this line without the hassle of making your own recipes, then you are in for a treat. 
The Abode Line was not only created for cleaning, but it was also designed in a way that would reduce waste and packaging products. Much of the packaging for the Abode line come from recycled consumer packaging. They also made the Abode cleaner into a concentrate which also reduces packaging waste and makes it easier to ship, reducing the impact on the environment. 
doTERRA has really committed themselves to using less single use plastics, so the new Abode Concentrate is shipped in a food grade aluminum bottle. The cool thing about aluminum is that 75% of aluminum that is on the Earth has always been here and it is infinitely recyclable. Roughly 90% of plastics are not recycled and will be on the Earth longer than we will be. 

Abode 4-1 Dispenser Set

  • Abode Multipurpose Sprayer
  • Abode Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser 
  • Abode Hand Lotion Pump Dispenser 
  • Abode Dish Soap Dispenser and Pump

doTERRA really wanted to focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging, so many products in this line are made to be refillable. In their effort to be more sustainable, they designed a beautiful glassware set that is meant to be refilled. This glassware set is a beautiful frosted amber glass and will look stunning displayed in your home if you choose. Of course, you can always continue to use your own dispensers, but this set is just so gorgeous. 


Abode Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate

The Abode concentrate can be used to make an all-purpose spray. You add on part concentrate to 9 parts water in any glass container you like.  You can use your own glass container to make this spray, or you can purchase doTERRA’s new frosted, amber glass containers. These containers are super cool because they have lines for where you fill up the concentrate to and then another line for where to add water to. The glass containers are also labeled with the product. Check out some of the images below to get an idea of how beautiful they are.  
Primary Benefits 
  • Tough on grease and grime in the kitchen, bathroom, and other non-porous surfaces. 
  • Naturally effective with a plant-based formula that includes Thymol, widely known for its powerful cleansing properties. 
  • Free from phosphates, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine. 
  • Formulated to provide a naturally fresh, citrus aroma using doTERRA Abode Refreshing Blend. 
  • Packaged in recyclable glass bottle. 
You can also check out the YouTube video below where I walk you through my house showing you exactly how I use the new Abode Line and where I store it. 

I have been asked if this line will replace the On Guard Cleaning Line, and the answer is, doTERRA will continue making both lines as long as people are purchasing the On Guard Line products. So, don’t worry about the On Guard Cleaning Line going away anytime soon. I use the On Guard Concentrate for everything from an all-purpose cleaner to a soft scrub. Read, How to Make Household Cleaners with Essential Oils, to learn more about how I use the On Guard Concentrate. 

Abode Dishwasher Pods and Dish Soap

This is exciting! Included in the Abode Line is dishwasher pods and dish soap. They both work great and don’t leave a film on your dishes the way many synthetic products do. Something that I never really thought about is dish soap and dish washer pods leaving behind harmful chemicals on my dishes that my family then eats off. Plus, if I am washing dishes in the sink those chemicals are also seeping into my hands. These two products also contain enzymes that I could only get from a certain popular blue dish soap. 
The dishwasher pods are also eco-friendly, and they do not contribute to grey water waste. They smell great and they are also super convenient.  
Primary Benefits of the Abode Dishwasher Pods
  • Tough on grease, leaving every load sparkling clean. 
  • Naturally powerful with a plant-based formula, free from SLS, SLEA, phosphates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine. 
  • Formulated to provide a naturally fresh, citrus aroma using doTERRA Abode Refreshing Blend.
  • Packaged in a pouch made with PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) materials. 

Primary Benefits of Abode Dish Soap 
  • Leaves dishes, glassware, pots, and pans sparkling clean. 
  • Features a plant based high performance liquid formula, free from phosphates, sulfates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine. 
  • Includes doTERRA Abode Refreshing Blend as well as Grapefruit essential oil for a natural fresh, citrus aroma. 
  • Packaged in a recyclable aluminum bottle.

Abode Laundry Pods

In addition to the dishwasher pod the Abode Line also contains laundry pods. These new laundry pods are convenient, and they dissolve quickly in your laundry. Your clothes will come out of the wash smell fresh and clean, but you won’t have to worry about synthetics or anything that will irritate the respiratory system. If you love the On Guard laundry detergent, don’t worry it is not going anywhere anytime soon. doTERRA will keep making it, as long as people are buying it. doTERRA also has dryer balls now, so that is exciting as well. I like to add essential oils to my dryer balls and then pop them in with my clothes to dry. 

Primary Benefits of Abode Laundry Pods 
  • Tough on stains, leaving every load fresh, clean and bright.
  • Formulated to provide a naturally fresh, citrus aroma using doTERRA Abode Refreshing Blend. 
  • Packaged in a pouch made with PCR materials. 

Foaming Hand Wash Concentrate and Hand Lotion

Other products included in this line is a foaming hand wash and a hand lotion. These two products are infused with Citrus Bloom, and they come in refill pouches, which are made with recycled post-consumer plastic. You just purchase the refill pouch and fill up your containers when they are running low. You can either purchase the new doTERRA glass containers or you can use your own. If you purchase the doTERRA glass containers there are lines on the back of how much concentrate to add and then how much water to add. 

Primary Benefits of Abode Foaming Hand Wash 
  • Contains natural surfactants and banana fruit extract to gently clean, condition, and moisturize skin. 
  • Creates a gentle, foaming wash, leaving hands clean, fresh, and soft. 
  • Features a plant-based cleansing formula infused with Citrus Bloom Spring Time Blend and free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, and synthetic fragrances. 
  • Packaged in a recyclable aluminum container.
I find that this lotion is nice and luxurious, it's thick; it's a little bit thicker than the previous Citrus Bloom lotion so I think you're going to be really pleased with this. 

Primary Benefits of Abode Hand Lotion 
  • The silky formula contains moisturizers and humectants that leave skin feeling supple and nourished.
  • Formulated using simple, pure, natural ingredients, the entire doTERRA abode product line is made for the conscious consumer.

The Abode products will be available for purchase starting October 1st. You will have the option to purchase all the products in this line in the Evolved Tour Kit, this will be the best price for getting all the products. The glass containers do not come in this kit, but you can purchase those in an add on kit. 
In the meantime, if you are not already a doTERRA wholesale member it's simple to get started! Explore doTERRA wholesale kits including the new Cura Collection.  
No minimum or monthly purchase requirements to maintain wholesale pricing. Get more info and shop wholesale oils here.  Check out the Blissed Mama Shop Page.  
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