15 Ways to Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil | New doTERRA Eucalyptus Blend

The spa-like benefits of this cleansing essential oil can be experienced like never before. doTERRA has blended several species of eucalyptus together in a new, powerful formula.
The benefits of blending species help us achieve more consistent products over different seasons at all times of the year. It can also help create more consistent chemistry and helps create better sustainability and reliability.
This blend may help calm the mind during periods of mental stress, perfect to add to your favorite DIY cleanser, and provides a cooling sensation that may support open airways.

This new blend of Eucalyptus is made up of five different species: Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus radiata, E. polybractea, E. kochii, E. loxophleba, and E. globulus.

I enjoy sharing practical simple ways to use essential oils, so that you can get all the benefits of your oils. Essential oils can be used for so much more than just making your house smell good. Eucalyptus oil tends to be a crowd favorite in terms of aroma, but its other uses often go unknown. So, here are 15 ways to use Eucalyptus essential oil. 


Give Yourself a Spa Experience 

Want your shower to smell like a spa? Need an invigorating aroma to wake you up in the mornings? Give yourself a spa experience every day when you shower with these recipes. 
1. Add a Drop to Your Shower 
Keep a bottle of Eucalyptus in your bathroom and pour a drop or two in the bottom of your bathtub during your shower. This will help to open your airways and invigorate your senses. I love starting my day with Eucalyptus. 
2. Eucalyptus and Lavender Bath Salt 

3. DIY Shaving Cream 

4. DIY Body Wash 

5. DIY Outdoor Dog Collar 
Okay, so this one isn’t for you, but your dog deserves the spa feeling too, right? Try this DIY to deter unwanted pests from pestering your pup. 

Replace a Few Products in Your Bathroom Cabinet 

In my article, Bathroom Cabinet Makeover, I share ways to makeover your bathroom cabinet with natural, low-tox alternatives. Try swapping out some of the conventional products in your bathroom cabinet and try these recipes instead. 
6. Chest Rub 
Have you made my Miracle Salve yet? If not, you are missing out, as this is one of my most requested recipes. Swap out the essential oils in this recipe for Eucalyptus, Breathe, and Copaiba essential oils. 
If you need something quick try using a bit of fractionated coconut oil with a drop of Eucalyptus and rubbing that on your chest, or you can use a carrier oil of your choice. 

7. Clear Airways Roller Blend 
I can’t stress this enough; eucalyptus is great for opening the airways. Keep this roller blend on hand to use at the gym, on hikes, or when you’re feeling a little stuffy. 

Make Your Own Cleaning Products 

Making your own cleaning products is an excellent way to save money and get rid of unwanted toxins in your home. Eucalyptus has cleaning properties and a nice aroma that will leave your home looking and smelling clean. For more DIY cleaners read, How to Make Household Cleaners with Essential Oils.
8. All-Purpose Cleaning Spray 

9. Toilet Cleaner 

10. Mattress Detox 
Your mattress can get a little funky sometimes, try detoxing it with this recipe. 

Aromatic Uses 

Enjoy the aromatic benefits of Eucalyptus by using it in your diffusers or by making your own room spray. 
11. Stimulate Mental Clarity 
Eucalyptus helps to wake up the brain. Try placing a drop of Eucalyptus and Rosemary (Rosemary has been shown to help with memory) in your hands, rub them together, cup your nose and mouth and inhale deeply. This can help during mid-afternoon slumps, when you are studying, before a speaking event, or anytime your brain needs a little more stimulation. 
12. Sinus Steamer 
Are your airways feeling a little clogged? Make your own sinus steamer by adding boiling water to a coffee mug or bowl, add a drop of Eucalyptus, and hold under your nose and mouth while deeply inhaling. 
13. Diffuser Blends 
Diffusing essential oils is the perfect way to reap their aromatic benefits. 
14. Make Reed Diffuser 
If you are looking for a fun and decorative way to diffuse essential oils, then you will love this DIY reed diffuser! This easy diffuser is great to have at home, in the office or anywhere you would like the aroma and benefits of essential oils. 
Swap out the essential oils in this recipe for Eucalyptus and you will have your space smelling refreshing and clean. 
15. Make a Room Spray 
Make a Eucalyptus room spray to give your rooms a fresh clean smell. 

If you already have a bottle of Eucalyptus at home, try using it in one of the recipes above or at the very least go pop a few drops into your diffuser. If you don’t have a bottle yet, grab our new blend here.

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