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When I travel, I like to do it light and efficiently. Whether I'm traveling to Nepal to work with our doTERRA wintergreen farmers or a 10 day trip with only a backpack, I always make room for my favorite doTERRA products so I can be ready for anything! 

In this article, I will be sharing how I pack a week’s worth of doTERRA essentials into a carry-on pack that will slide right under my airplane seat!


Want to see how it's done? Watch me pack here and say hi to my bathroom jungle!

doTERRA Hand Sanitizer
Okay, this is an essential I try to always keep on me, because you never know when you will need hand sanitizer. I want to share a little hack with you, to keep the hand sanitizer lid from coming unscrewed in your bag. When you get the product from doTERRA it will have plastic covering the entirety of the bottle. Instead of taking all the plastic off, just take enough on the plastic off the top so that you can pop the lid off and be able to use the spray nozzle. Leaving the rest of the plastic on the bottle will keep it from unscrewing and spilling all over your bag and its contents - this is especially important when flying.

On Guard Hand Wipes
These are great for on the go. You have probably heard that the little trays that fold down in front of you on airplanes are very rarely cleaned well. I use these wipes to quickly wipe down the tray and the armrests when I get to my seat. If you don’t have the On Guard Hand Wipes, just use the On Guard Hand Sanitizer.

doTERRA Throat Lozenges
doTERRA has three different throat lozenges, doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Drops, doTERRA On Guard Protecting Throat Drops, and Ginger Drops. I like the keep a handful of these in my travel bag and easily accessible. These are great to just pop in your mouth whenever you are experiencing dry mouth, a scratchy throat, or you just want a bit of a refresher.

Slim and Sassy Metabolic Gum
Benefits of this gum include promoting healthy metabolism, managing hunger cravings, sugar free with natural sweeteners, and long-lasting flavor. I especially love to keep this gum on me if I am traveling by plane, for take offs and landings. The taste is really great too.

My Must Have Essential Oils for Traveling
These are the oils I take, you can choose whichever oils you prefer. I will have some great recommendations for you at the end of this article!
  • Rose – my daily wear go-to oil.
  • Magnolia – I love to put this on the bottoms of my feet before I go to sleep and sometimes over my heart during the day.
  • Copaiba – this is great for tension, so I like having it handy to put on my temples or on the back of my neck if I am experiencing any tension. It’s also great for calming anxious feelings – if you get anxious on airplanes this might be great for you.  
  • DigestZen – I use this for any stomach discomfort.
  • Adaptiv – this oil is used to help us adapt to life’s many situations. Traveling can be stressful, and this is a great calming oil.
  • Air-X – this oil is good at purifying and cleansing the air, which is super important when we travel.
  • Lavender – I always bring along an oil that is calming and relaxing for sleep, for me that oil is Lavender. Lavender Essential Oil is also very versatile and can be used for skin irritations or cuts. You might like Serenity or Peace for sleep, pick whichever oil is going to calm and relax you the best.
  • Grapefruit – I want to have an oil that I can use in my water in the morning to help gently cleanse my gut and promote that glutathione production while traveling, but I also want something that is going to smell nice when diffused – any citrus oil will work for this.
  • On Guard – This oil feels like an obvious choice for me, it’s for all things immune support. I use this both in my water and in my diffuser.

Peppermint Beadlets and On Guard Beadlets
The Peppermint Beadlets help me to wake up and freshen my breath. The On Guard Beadlets are for immune support, which is crucial when traveling.

Deep Blue Rub Packets
No one wants to experience discomfort or muscle tension when traveling, which is why I always keep the Deep Blue Rub Packets on me. The packets are great for on the go, especially if flying you won’t have to worry about the amount of content contained in each packet. These are also easily sharable with a friend.

Pilot Portable Diffuser
This was designed to be an on-the-go diffuser. The diffuser is small enough to fit into your car cup holder. It comes with a convenient carrying case that holds four oils. The charger comes with a USB port, so it can be charged on the go as well – I plug it into the lamp in my hotel room. One charge can last up to four hours with continuous diffusion or eight hours with intermittent diffusion.

Learn more about all doTERRA's diffuser options, doTERRA Essential Oil Diffuser Review. 
My Toiletries List
  • On Guard Toothpaste Samples – these sample packets get about 3 uses.
  • Verage Skin Care Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Toner – I use small containers to pump these products into, I do not take the full bottles. If you don’t have small containers, just use a contact lens case. For the toner I use a mini spray bottle.
  • Anti-Aging Eye Cream – I do take the full bottle of this with me.
  • Brightening Gel – I also take the full bottle of this, it contains Vitamin C which is sensitive to oxygen so it’s not good to put it into another container.
  • HD Clear – I use this on my face every day after applying my toner for clear skin.
  • Yarrow | Pom – this is what I use as my face serum.
  • ClaryCalm – I use this on my armpits every day. It is for hormone health and helps decrease hormonal mood swings and discomfort. I have used this for ten years, so I can’t imagine skipping a day.
  • doTERRA Deodorant – I pack the full-size version of this.  
  • Root to Tip Hair Serum – this helps to keep my hair smooth and frizz free.
  • doTERRA Hair Care Travel Set or Samples - Currently doTERRA has the doTERRA Salon Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner sample packets. These might be going away soon and be replaced by the new hair care line. This is what I am currently taking with me on this trip, but I did want to mention that the new hair care line also comes in a travel set. The doTERRA Hair Care Mini Travel Trio comes with TSA approved sized bottles of the doTERRA Protecting Shampoo, the doTERRA Daily Conditioner, and the doTERRA Leave in Conditioner. This set also comes with a translucent bag to conveniently carry all three products. Another option is to buy the Hair Care Refillable Mini Travel Kit. This kit also comes with three TSA approved sized bottles and a translucent carrying case. It does not contain the actual hair care products as these are just refillable bottles. If you already have the full-size sets of the doTERRA hair care line and just want to be able to travel with those products you can buy the refillable bottles and take your hair care products with you.

Want to know my skin care routine and which doTERRA skin care products would be best for you? Read, Skin Care Review with doTERRA | HD clear, Verage, & Essential Skin Care Line Explained.
On Guard Mouthwash 
What I do for this is up-cycle an empty On Guard Hand Sanitizer bottle, wash it out, and pour the mouthwash in. You can either screw the lid off the top and swish the mouthwash or use it like a spray. If you plan to do this, add a sticker to the mouthwash so that you do not accidentally end up spraying hand sanitizer in your mouth.  

doTERRA Supplements
I have a full blog post explaining all the doTERRA supplements, you can read that for more information on each supplement and to assist you in building your own supplement regimen. doTERRA Supplements Explained. I keep my supplements in a pill case that is planned for a week. This makes it easy to grab and go when I am packing to travel.
doTERRA Supplements I Can't Go Without 
  • Lifelong Vitality
  • PB Assist – this is my probiotic
  • TerraZyme – for digestive support
  • Mito2Max – for energy – I take extra if I am going across time zones
  • GX Assist – this is my go-to while traveling if I am having gut discomfort
  • On Guard+ - for immune support
  • Deep Blue Polyphenols – as needed for any discomfort I may experience during travel
  • Turmeric – for an extra boost if I need it
  • Adaptiv – as needed for calming
  • Serenity Capsules – as needed for sleep

doTERRA Protein Powder
For this I will scoop some of the powder into a small container. When I am traveling, I want to have something on me that is filling and nutritious until to hold me over till I can get a good meal. The protein powder is perfect because I can buy a bottle of water, pour in the protein powder, and shake. doTERRA offers three different options for protein Chocolate Whey Protein, Vanilla Whey Protein, and a Vegan Protein. 

Read more about the benefits of doTERRA Protein and the other nutritional supplements, So you want to talk about nutrition?

doTERRA Dram Keychain
This is a zippered pouch that contains 8-dram vials. It is perfect for if you want to take essential oils, but you don’t want to take full bottles of everything. You can put you favorite essential oils in the vials, place the vials in the keychain pouch, and boom you have your own mini kit that is perfect for travel. I recommend getting the doTERRA label stickers, so that you can label each vial.

If you don't know what to pack in your travel keychain, here are 8 oils to get you started! This keychain combo would be great for traveling across the globe or across town to watch a soccer game! 

1. OnGuard for immune support.
2. Citrus Bliss for uplifting and energizing.
3. Lemon for cleansing and adding to water.
4. TerraShield for natural insect repellant (could swap out with Tea Tree for purifying skin in there are no bugs)
5. Deep Blue for discomfort.
6. Adaptiv for emotional calming.
7. DigestZen for digestive discomfort.
8. Lavender for sleep and all things calming. 

I hope this helps you decide which doTERRA products you will be taking on your next trip and allows you to travel lighter and more efficiently.  

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