Turmeric Essential Oil Benefits, Uses, & Sourcing with doTERRA | Co-Impact Sourcing Series

With its warm, earthy aroma Turmeric essential oil is believed to uplift, energize, comfort, and strengthen the body and mind. Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, but did you know it can support a healthy immune system and promote clean and healthy-looking skin while reducing the appearance of blemishes? 

In a previous article of mine, Co-Impact Sourcing with doTERRA | What Makes doTERRA Essential Oils Different, I share the impact doTERRA had on the communities where each essential oil is sourced. doTERRA has a goal of positively tripling their impact by 2030. There are ten oils specifically that have the largest impact on the growers, distillers, and communities from which they are sourced – Turmeric is one of those ten oils. In this article I will be sharing the uses, benefits, DIY ideas, and how you can help make a positive impact right from your home by purchasing Turmeric essential oil. 

“Turmeric is the oil of restoration. Turmeric repairs individuals physically, mentally, and emotionally. It has powerful properties that reach into damaged or blocked aspects of the self to restore what has been temporarily lost.” (This quote comes from the Essential Emotions: 10th Edition Book. All essential oils have both physical and emotional properties. This book is great for breaking down the emotional properties of each essential oil.)



Turmeric is a rhizome, or an underground stock of the plant from which roots grow, that is typically dried and ground as a spice. It is sometimes grown as an intercrop alongside corn, sugarcane, and other crops. Many farmers grow turmeric after they have been growing sugarcane for a few years. They pull out the sugarcane and plant turmeric because it helps provide nutrients for the soil. 

Farmers in India often say that growing turmeric is like a natural pesticide and fungicide within the soil—growing turmeric has proved healthy for the soil itself—and that sugarcane planted after turmeric has a significantly higher yield.
The essential oil is produced through steam distillation. After farming and harvesting, the turmeric roots are sorted into various grades. Our Turmeric essential oil is a blend that comes from distilling both dried and fresh turmeric.
The difference between the botanical version of Turmeric and Turmeric essential oil is, the spice/botanical version is primarily made up of curcuminoids and the oil is full of turmerones. Curcuminoids are ground up Turmeric and their main function in the body is to eliminate free radical and oxidative damage, they are full of antioxidants. Turmerones are more bioavailable, they enhance absorption, decrease inflammation, decrease oxidative stress, promote cellular function and neurological health.

An interesting fact about the turmerones is that they enhance the absorption of the curcuminoids in the botanical version of Turmeric. By consuming the two together you get this perfect combination that allows your body to absorb it seven times more effectively, making the botanical version seven times more bioavailable when you combine both versions of Turmeric.
In the past you might have heard to take Black Pepper with the botanical version of Turmeric, this is because the botanical version is not as bioavailable, and the body needs a lot of support to absorb it. Black Pepper does help a little bit, but you are going to get more benefits and see more direct results from Turmeric if you are combining the oil and botanical versions.

doTERRA has Turmeric Duo Capsules which combines both versions of Turmeric, meaning you get the benefits of both in one capsule. This took doTERRA years of research to discover how to do this and they are the only company to have created a product like this. The Turmeric Duo Capsules can be taken daily once or twice a day depending on your needs.



Supports healthy inflammatory levels and eases discomfort
Recent studies have shown that the root cause of over 90 percent of disease is linked to inflammation. Supporting healthy inflammatory levels within the body, promotes hemostasis and a healthy balance within our body. As a result of healthy inflammatory levels within the body, discomfort is often greatly reduced; think achy muscles and achy joints.

Supports a healthy immune system
When the body is functioning optimally it can better prevent us from getting sick and attacking pathogens as soon as they enter the body.
Supports a healthy metabolism
This is specific to glucose and lipid metabolism. Glucose deals with your blood sugar levels and lipid is your fat metabolism.

Digestive support
Turmeric really helps to get things moving through the digestive system and support the GI Tract. You can add a couple drops of Turmeric oil to water after eating, take it in a capsule, or even rub it on your abdomen.
Promotes circulation and cardiovascular health
Turmeric essential oil is a heart healthy oil that can help support healthy blood pressure levels. You can add a few drops to the feet as needed to promote circulation.

Supports healthy neurological system
Supporting healthy neurological function means increasing the communication between your brain, your body, and the other functions within your body. It has also been said to work with the stem cells within the brain.
Promotes healthy cellular function
This is specific to Glutathione, which is an enzyme that your body produces if it has the right conditions. We can’t give it extra Glutathione, but we can give our body the right conditions to promote more. Glutathione helps build and repair tissue, it is involved in making chemicals and proteins needed in the body and supports optimal immune system function.

Antioxidant support
Antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals, premature aging, and oxidation.
Skin cleansing and brightening
Check out the ideas below for using Turmeric in your skin care.

Promotes positive mood
Turmeric can promote positive mood when inhaled, so think diffusing it or rubbing it on your hands and breathing it in. If you haven’t smelled Turmeric, it is earthy, grounding, and a little bit woody. Check out all the diffuser recipes below to get some ideas for diffuser blends, so that you can kick off your day in a positive mood.

To learn more about the benefits and uses of Turmeric essential oil read, 10 Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil.


Turmeric Latte 

Turmeric Pineapple Smoothie 

Turmeric Face Mask 

Make Your Own Veggie Capsules with Turmeric 




Sourcing Impact:
  • People empowered with sourcing jobs:
    • 1,715 in India
    • 105 in Nepal
    • 1,820 People Empowered
  • Lives Supported (estimate):
    • 7,889 in India
    • 441 in Nepal
    • 8,330 Lives Supported

Why India and Nepal?
Turmeric is sourced from various parts of India and Nepal. It is used extensively as a spice in both places, and consequently, grown abundantly for that market.

Sustaining Long-term Partnerships
When doTERRA came to Nepal to source Turmeric essential oil, we didn’t just come for the plant. We came to establish and support partnerships with turmeric farmers like Ramekwal (read more about Ramekwal’s story below). 

Unlike farming turmeric before, farmers don’t need to boil or dry the turmeric before selling it to our partner supplier. This saves the farmers both time and energy. Furthermore, it allows us to generate jobs for local women who are hired to wash and prepare turmeric for distillation. These women receive fair wages for their work.

Secured Market Through Long-term Contracts
With doTERRA as a guaranteed buyer, market uncertainty and instability are eliminated for Ramekwal and the other farmers who partner with us. Ramekwal can safely expand his turmeric production knowing that we will continue to purchase his high-quality crop, sustaining our long-term partnership with him.
Fair and On-time Payments
We are committed to paying all of our farmers fairly and on-time. Ramekwal now earns 25% more income while investing less time and less labor into the process than before.

Impact Stories
Ramekwal and his wife have six daughters and two sons. Ramekwal and his wife have always hoped to be able to provide an education for their children, but it is difficult to progress economically in Sangrampur. The market requires turmeric farmers to not only grow and harvest their turmeric, but also clean, boil, and dry their yield before they can even try to sell it. Farmers often face uncertainty that they can sell their crop due to market instability, and they are often taken advantage of by being paid significantly less for their labor-intensive turmeric than it is worth.

Ramekwal first began farming turmeric on a small parcel of land lent to him by his neighbor. Ramekwal is a hardworking man, but because of the unfair conditions of growing turmeric for the spice market he didn’t make nearly enough to start sending his children to school.

With this increased freedom and revenue, he can afford to rent even more land. Before Ramekwal produced about 1-2 tons of turmeric, but now he is able produce approximately 40 tons, which in turn is increasing his capacity to earn even more.
While producing 40x more turmeric than ever before is certainly impressive, it is not nearly as important to him as something else he has accomplished. The hope of Ramekwal and his wife to be able to provide their children with access to education has been realized. All eight of their children are attending school and one step closer to achieving their own dreams someday.
In partnership with Days for Girls, doTERRA Healing Hands has funded the distribution of more than 30,000 feminine hygiene kits and accompanying education to adolescent girls throughout Nepal.

When you purchase Turmeric essential oil from doTERRA you get to be a part of the positive impact doTERRA is making in India and Nepal. You get a say in where your money goes and be part of the Co-Impact Sourcing model. doTERRA allows you to participate in conscious consumerism when you purchase their essential oils. 

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