MetaPWR Review with doTERRA | Supporting Metabolic Health Naturally

Wellness starts at a cellular level. doTERRA is about proactive, natural ways to address the root concerns since temporary or superficial solutions aren’t enough. In this article I will be focusing on the metabolism aspect of wellness. I will discuss how you can support your body on a cellular level so you can live a youthful, vibrant life no matter your age.

The lifestyle choices you make each day are the foundation for your wellness. doTERRA has created an easy-to-follow wellness path, and I’m here today to help guide you on that journey. 

Check out my video below to get my personal experience with the MetaPWR System. Make sure to watch to the end where I talk about waking up with the energy of a 20-something college student again. 

What’s Good Metabolic Health? 

Good metabolic health means your body can digest and absorb nutrients from food with healthy, stable levels of blood sugar, blood fat, and insulin. Fluctuations in these levels are natural, but it’s important to avoid big spikes, which can contribute unfavorably to long-term health. 

Five Pillars of Metabolic Health 
  • Healthy Eating 
  • Daily Movement 
  • Stress Management 
  • Healthy Connections 
  • Smart Supplementation 
Smart supplementation is how you double down on the benefits of the other pillars, granting you a greater return on your efforts. 

How’s Your Metabolic Health? 
Under 7% of US adults have optimal cardiometabolic health. For every 14 people you meet, 13 of them have suboptimal metabolic health, and many don’t even realize it. 

Do you know your biomarkers for blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol Are you in a healthy weight range? What’s your family’s history with cardiovascular health? 

These are the health markers reviewed in a study of 55,000 US adults. They can predict future quality of life and lifespan. 

Metabolic Health and Biological Aging Are Inseparable 

Do you know people who look years younger than their numerical age? Or someone who’s the opposite, seeming older? This isn’t just a phenomenon that happens with physical appearances. 

Different people can appear to be different ages on a cellular level too—it’s known as biological age. Biological age is a measure of how young your cells appear, based on how healthy they are or how they behave. Just as outward appearance doesn’t always represent numerical age, cellular health doesn’t always line up with it either. 

When you take control of your metabolic health, you also slow the signs of biological aging and extend your health-span. Some of the latest research from Harvard and other top-tier organizations shows metabolic health and biological age are inseparable. This connection means the stronger and healthier your metabolic function, the younger you’ll feel from the inside out. 

As you age, so does your metabolic function. Your metabolism influences your energy, weight, body composition, sleep, and even cognitive performance, a decline in metabolic health can dramatically impact your quality of life. 

Lifespan versus Health-Span 

There’s a big difference between your lifespan and your potential for health-span. 

Medical advances are helping us live longer, but not always with the quality of life needed for fulfilling, powerful lives. Lifespan has exceeded health-span, meaning we’re living longer, but not necessarily with vitality and health for all those years. In fact, the last eight years of life are statistically spent with inhibited enjoyment of life because of health limitations. 

Metabolic Health Obstacles 

We have to overcome four obstacles to metabolic health: 
  • maturing fat cells
  • cellular integrity
  • spikes in blood sugar (that are already in the normal range)
  • inferior supplements

The new doTERRA product system for metabolic health fills in the missing piece in your wellness lifestyle plan. It’s formulated with the intent to support naturally increasing NAD+ and NADH levels in your body (supporting cellular integrity), help smooth out the spikes and dips in your normal-range blood glucose levels by promoting healthy insulin activity and response, curbing cravings, and inhibiting fat cells from maturing. 

To learn even more about metabolic health and the MetaPWR system, download the MetaPWR eBook.

MetaPWR Metabolic System 

What is the MetaPWR System?

Meta = metabolic health 
PWR = Personal Wellness Realized 

The MetaPWR System helps you live your most powerful life, supporting your metabolism, energy, and health on a cellular level. Each product in the MetaPWR System supports different aspects of your metabolic health, while also enhancing the benefits of the other products in the line. The MetaPWR system is not a quick fix, you must still make smart and healthy lifestyle decisions, but the MetaPWR system can maximize and optimize the effects of your wellness. What I love about this system is it meets you where you are at on your wellness journey and supports you in moving towards the next level in your journey. 

Every product features MetaPWR Metabolic Blend as a primary ingredient, so the power of pure essential oils fuels every aspect of the system. 

Maturing Fat Cells 

As you lose weight, you don’t reduce the number of fat cells in your body. You simply burn the fat stored within each cell, causing them to become smaller. 

Did you know upon reaching adulthood, the number of fat cells in the human body stay the same? These cells can grow and shrink, and 5–10% die each year, but they’re replaced. 

The steps you take to restrict fat cell growth are what makes the biggest difference to your body-fat percentage, or BMI. Fat cells grow when they retain droplets of fatty acids, usually because you’re regularly consuming more food than needed. 

MetaPWR Metabolic Blend 

What’s the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend? 
The MetaPWR Metabolic Blend is a proprietary blend with balanced ratios of the following essential oils: 
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon 
  • Peppermint 
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon Bark  
You may recognize these essential oils as the same ones used in doTERRA's Slim and Sassy oil, but Slim and Sassy contained different ratios. We wanted to know if the ratios of these essential oils could be optimized for even better metabolic performance and what we found is they could - the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend is the blend that performed the best at restricting maturing fat cells growth. 
Preclinical research suggests Grapefruit, with its naturally high levels of the chemical constituent limonene, may support a healthy metabolism when ingested. Lemon is also high in limonene. 
Meanwhile, Peppermint has been shown to help improve exercise performance and support efforts to curb hunger cravings between meals when ingested. 

Daily use of this proprietary essential oil blend can be an important part of curbing your cravings and sustaining your metabolic health. The aroma of MetaPWR Metabolic Blend is a delicious balance of citrus and spice with a hint of mint, which makes it a beautiful blend to diffuse and use aromatically. Aromatic use can create an uplifting, stimulating environment as you focus on mindful eating. Take MetaPWR internally to help curb hunger cravings, reduce adipose fat cells, and support healthy metabolic function. Use MetaPWR topically by incorporating it into a dry brushing routine. Dry brushing has many benefits that are enhanced by essential oils; read more about dry brushing with essential oils. 

There are four ways you can enjoy this essential oil blend: the 15 mL bottle, beadlets, gum, and softgels. Plus, the blend is in every product in the MetaPWR system. 

MetaPWR Metabolic Blend 15 mL 
  • This blend may help fat cell maturation
  • Can help curb cravings 
  • Supports metabolic health
MetaPWR Blend Softgels 
  • Want MetaPWR Metabolic Blend for on-the-go convenience? 
  • These softgels make getting MetaPWR in your body easy and convenient. 
  • These softgels are vegetarian and keto friendly. 
MetaPWR Satiety Gum 
  • The new MetaPWR Satiety gum was created not only to be great tasting, but help you curb hunger cravings and promote mindful eating.
MetaPWR Beadlets 
  • MetaPWR with the ease and convenience of a beadlet
  • Keep these beadlets handy in your purse or desk for:
    • When hunger cravings strike
    • When you need a quick breath refresh
    • Mindful eating control at your fingertips
    • Blood Sugar Spikes 

Blood Sugar Spikes

It’s been said each time your blood sugar spikes, you age. Think of your body like a car. If you’re putting your foot to the floor on the accelerator and then slamming on the brakes, it’s going to wear down your car. It isn’t good for your brakes, tires, seatbelt, and more. 

Even normal-range spikes and dips in your blood sugar can be hard on your body, contributing to poor cellular function. Most people naturally have post meal blood glucose spikes. Some may also experience blood glucose dips if the wait between meals is too long. 

The more you can smooth out the spikes and dips in your blood glucose and insulin curves, the better. Doing so also helps to optimize and sustain your energy levels throughout the day. 

MetaPWR Assist

MetaPWR Assist is a natural supplement formulated to help smooth out the curves in normal-range blood sugar around mealtimes. 

MetaPWR Assist is the next product in the MetaPWR product lineup. It builds upon the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend and features additional herbs and phytonutrients. Key among these is mulberry leaf extract, which has been shown to reduce carbohydrate digestion by 42% when taken with a meal. When you take one MetaPWR Assist capsule, the mulberry leaf extract helps your body metabolize what you just ate slower. Of course, MetaPWR Assist is designed to be paired with a healthy, whole-food diet.

Blood sugar levels are one of the most significant markers of health. These levels naturally fluctuate, depending on food and activity patterns. Over time, elevated blood sugar levels can have permanent consequences on the body. Coming back to the car analogy, if you’re slamming on the gas and braking hard every day, that car’s wear and tear will progress faster than if you’re driving smoothly. It’ll end up costing you more in repairs and losing value quicker.

doTERRA has clinical results for MetaPWR Assist and the other products in the system. There’s also an amazing and free in-depth online course loaded with content from doctors and research scientists. 

Cellular Integrity

The third obstacle to metabolic health is cellular integrity. 
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Did you know you have 28 types of collagen in your body? Collagen is a key component of connective tissues that make up tendons, ligaments, skin, muscles, and more. Collagen gives your skin its elasticity and firmness, and it also supports lean muscle and connective tissues. Connective tissues give your body structure and strength. 

While collagen is something humans and animals produce naturally, the natural production of it drops with age, starting from age 25. As you age (or simply because of an active lifestyle), repeated stresses are put on your joints, muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues.  

NADH and NAD+ are crucial for mitochondrial maintenance, especially related to metabolic function. They convert food into energy and offer protection to cellular energy factories. 

While your body produces NAD+ and NADH naturally, production begins dropping dramatically around middle age and continues doing so until death. Without sufficient NAD+ levels in the body, your cells can’t generate the energy needed to survive and carry out their functions. 

New research and studies are helping us better understand how we can supplement and support production of NAD+ in the body, regardless of age. Preclinical studies suggest supplementing with nicotinamide mononucleotide, or NMN, may increase NAD+, leading to more youthful functioning of cells and body systems, but more confirming clinical research is needed. MetaPWR Advantage is formulated with yeast powder NMN to help naturally increase NAD+ and NADH levels in your body.


MetaPWR Advantage

The third step in the MetaPWR system combines the power of marine collagen, NMN, and 10 other synergistic ingredients to target cellular integrity and health-span. 

This product can replace vital collagen your tissues need and support natural production of NAD+ in your body, helping you slow the signs of aging inside and out. The 12 synergistic ingredients in MetaPWR Advantage give your cells what they need to support cellular integrity. 

MetaPWR Advantage is 12 times more bioavailable than other collagen products. When a supplement or nutrient is easily absorbed and used by your body, it’s considered bioavailable. The number of grams you read on the label isn’t what determines how much collagen your cells will receive after taking it. Bioavailability factors in. 

Most collagen products feature the one or two collagen types most relevant to skin beauty, elasticity, and wrinkles. MetaPWR Advantage features those types of collagen, but it also includes seven other unique collagen peptide types. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and there are 28 known types. Supplementing with a wide range of diverse collagen types helps promote joint mobility, tissue strength, and skin elasticity. 

Most prepackaged liquid collagens use a process to sterilize their water-based delivery system. Doing so eliminates the harmful bacteria and beneficial active ingredients like vitamins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. They’re less shelf stable than MetaPWR Advantage and they’re shipping heavy water around the globe, increasing carbon emissions. 

MetaPWR Advantage is delivered to you in hydrolyzed powder format for a more active and bioavailable delivery system at the time of taking it. Simply mix it with water immediately before you drink it. When you mix MetaPWR Advantage with cool or room temperature water, you’re consuming it as a liquid, meaning your body can easily absorb the stable, non degraded nutrients without the sugar content that accompanies a prepackaged juice format or the value loss that occurs during pasteurization. 

Collagen Types 
doTERRA sources collagen from sustainably harvested cold-water marine fish in exotic locations like Italy. MetaPWR Advantage is tested more extensively for heavy metals than any other doTERRA supplement. 

Other collagen products on the market typically contain tripeptide content of 15–35%. MetaPWR Advantage collagen is over 70% tripeptide fragments for superior absorption. 

Synergistic Ingredients 


Let’s break down the MetaPWR System into three simple steps so you can see how easy it is to incorporate these products into your life. Most people begin to feel the benefits within a week or two. 

Step 1 
  • Add MetaPWR essential oil blend, softgels, beadlets, or gum to your daily routine.
  • Eat a well-balanced, whole-food diet and add one or more of the MetaPWR Metabolic Blend products to your daily routine. 
  • Add the essential oil blend to your water bottle when you fill it up in the morning (habit stacking!). 
  • Take a softgel with your morning and afternoon doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) doses. 
  • Pop a beadlet or piece of gum in your mouth when cravings hit to take off the edge!

Step 2 
  • Take MetaPWR Assist with your largest meal of the day. 
  • Take 15–30 minutes before your largest meal of the day. (If forgotten or preferred, take with your meal.) 
  • For extra support, take one capsule with each meal of the day.

Step 3 
  • Take one MetaPWR Advantage sachet per day. 
  • Once a day whenever you like, add one sachet to cold or room temperature water in a shaker bottle. (For those excited to be super users, you can safely use MetaPWR Advantage two or three times a day!)

Lifelong Vitality and MetaPWR

Metabolic health means your body can digest and absorb nutrients from food without spikes in blood sugar, blood fat, and insulin (already in the normal range). 

Nutrition and metabolism have a synergistic effect on your health and overall wellness. While nutrition is the process of nutrient acquisition from your environment, metabolism is the chemical process your body uses to transform the food you eat into fuel. Studies have found persistent disturbance of nutrient metabolism or energy homeostasis—caused by either nutrient deficiency or excess—induces cellular stress, leading to metabolic dysregulation. 
Nutrition and metabolic support go hand in hand. 

We know even the best diets are deficient in vital nutrients. The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) was created to fill the gaps. MetaPWR can calibrate your health from the baseline of the doTERRA Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid with optimal nutrition and optimize your metabolism, curb cravings, and shed excess weight. 

How to Get Started: MetaPWR System Kit 

doTERRA offers custom enrollment kits. Meaning you get to pick exactly what you want to get started with. And if it’s over 150 PV (about $150), they waive the $35 enrollment fee. 

The MetaPWR system qualifies as an enrollment kit The entire system is only $179. If you’d like, you can also add on the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack  When you get started. 

Save Even More 
For those of you who already have a doTERRA membership, you can save even more by adding the MetaPWR system to your LRP. For those of you who are excited to have multiple people in your household use these products or maybe you want to be a super user, there’s a cart within a cart option—just like the LLV. By adding the MetaPWR system to your LRP, you’ll get the option to add other individual products as well at a discount. 

I just know that the MetaPWR system is going to change lives and I am excited to be here to watch it happen. No matter where you are in your wellness journey you can get started with the MetaPWR System. Right now is the perfect time to start! When you're ready to start your 30 day MetaPWR challenge you can opt in to receive daily texts from doTERRA by texting MetaPWR to 386457. 

If you are not already a doTERRA wholesale member it's simple to get started! Explore doTERRA wholesale kits including the new MetaPWR kit available Oct 1st!!
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Curious about all the ways you can use essential oils? 

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