Blue Lotus Essential Oil Uses, Benefits, and Sourcing with doTERRA | How to Use Blue Lotus Essential Oil

Just a few weeks ago doTERRA released new products at the 2023 Becoming Convention. I briefly shared the new products and some general uses in a previous aticle, you can check that out here: doTERRA 2023 Convention Kit Unboxing | New Product Release with doTERRA. In this article I am excited to do a deep dive on Blue Lotus essential oil. This oil is a hidden gem in the world of essential oils, and I'm excited to walk you through its sourcing, benefits, and how it can elevate your daily routine.

This extraordinary oil holds a sacred place in history, revered for over 3,000 years by healers and artists alike, considered the plant of the gods long before science. Picture a stunning blossom with vibrant blue petals that reach toward the sky, revealing a golden center every morning as a symbol of rebirth. This stunning flower thrives in the muddiest of swamp-like conditions, yet it never truly touches the mud, seemingly hovering above it. 

Emotional Benefits

Emotionally, Blue Lotus is the oil of rebirth and the highest potential. It's a gentle, mild oil with a soft floral aroma, perfect for daily use without overpowering your senses. All essential oils provide emotional and physical benefits. With the new doTERRA products comes a new edition of the Essential Emotions Handbook; the 12th edition of this handbook can be purchased here. This handbook will help guide you on the emotional benefits of all doTERRA's essential oils, making it a great reference for all essential oil lovers. 

Natural Aphrodisiac

Beyond its emotional benefits and divine fragrance, Blue Lotus offers physical benefits as well. It serves as a natural aphrodisiac, and you can apply it to your pulse points, abdomen, or behind the ears. For an enhanced experience, pair it with Jasmine oil, which is another natural aphrodisiac. As I mentioned above Whisper is similar to Blue Lotus so you can also try that.  

Personal Fragrance

Personally, I love to combine Blue Lotus with other floral oils like Magnolia, Rose, and Jasmine to enhance its fragrance. What I find truly fascinating about Blue Lotus is its unique scent profile, which can vary from person to person. Similar to doTERRA's Whisper, which smells different on each individual due to body chemistry, Blue Lotus offers a personalized aromatic experience. To some, it might exude a soft, floral scent, while for others, it may evoke earthy, musty notes. 


Blue Lotus is also great for your skin. You can add it to your skincare routine to promote a healthy pH balance and maintain your skin’s moisture barrier. It acts as a precursor to squalene production, which keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful. Personally, I like to apply it to my chest, not only for its symbolic reminder of rebirth and potential each morning but also for the benefits it imparts to my skin. It's a delightful addition to my daily routine that leaves me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Calming Properties

Blue Lotus offers calming properties for both the mind and nervous system. To experience its calming properties, you can diffuse it or apply it topically. I also think this would be great to apply before yoga or meditation. 

Sleep Benefits

Essential oils that help to calm the mind and nervous system also tend to be great for promoting restful sleep and Blue Lotus is no exception. If you are struggling to stay or sleep or find it hard to fall asleep, try applying Blue Lotus to the bottoms of your feet. You could also add it to a relaxing bath before bed, sometimes our bodies need that extra time to wind down. 

For quick reference here are the top uses for Blue Lotus essential oil: 
  • Calm, Relaxing, and Renewing – apply blue lotus over the heart, on back of neck, forehead, or bottoms of the feet. Inhale deeply from palms. 
  • Grounding & Centering, Becoming – apply prior to meditation or yoga practice to promote a sense of sacred existence, rising above the weightiness of the world and helping to transform the life of the user. 
  • Dry Skin, Fine Lines, & Wrinkles – apply to help maintain the skins natural moisture barrier. 
  • Sex Drive & Euphoria, Hormone Imbalance – apply to lower abdomen and inhale layered with jasmine or rose. 
  • Sleep Issues, Induce Dreaming, Muscle Relaxant – apply and inhale deeply at bedtime to prepare the mind for a restorative sleep and more vivid, stay-oriented dreams by helping induce theta waves during stages 2 (drifting off) and 4 (REM) of the sleep cycle. 
  • Shock & Trauma, Grief, Anxiety, Nervousness, Restlessness – apply on the areas of the body where stress is experienced or held and inhale deeply to produce a numbing physical effect and stir emotional capacity to deal with difficult situations or memories. 
  • Low Dopamine & Serotonin Levels – inhale from cupped hands or apply to back of neck and forehead to boost neurotransmitters.
  • Stuck Feelings, Wallowing in Self-Created Darkness, Mired in Egoic Sense of Self – apply and diffuse to help detoxify the heart and kidneys of stagnant or stuck feelings and bring renewal. 
  • Closed Mindedness, Resignation, No Longer Daring to Dream – inhale deeply from the cupped hands. Apply to belly button, over heart, and on forehead to be open to new possibilities. 
  • Bath Time – apply to bottoms of feet or along spine prior to a warm, relaxing bath soak with Epsom salts. 
  • Personal Scent – wear as a signature scent on wrists, neck, and decolletage, and to enhance mood, promote a sense of serenity and euphoria.
  • Emotional Balance – use aromatically and topically to go from stuck to ascended.
One of my favorite references for how to use essential oils is the Modern Essentials Handbook. This has also been updated as of September 2023 with the release of new essential oils. Purchase the handbook here: Modern Essentials Handbook: The Premier Introductory Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils | 15th Edition. 

Sourcing Blue Lotus 

There are so many aspects of doTERRA that I love, especially the sourcing model, which is “sourcing the best, while helping the most.” Over 25 years ago, one of doTERRA's founders, Emily Wright, discovered her deep connection to Blue Lotus and the inspiration it provided. Obtaining pure Blue Lotus oil proved to be a significant challenge due to its scarcity. The majority of all Blue Lotus essential oil on the market today is adulterated. 

Over the last four years doTERRA has worked tirelessly to partner with growers in Southeast Asia, to create sustainable ponds for Blue Lotus cultivation. This partnership not only ensures a sustainable and consistent supply of pure Blue Lotus oil for doTERRA but also supports the local community by providing jobs and respecting the land. In fact, doTERRA was able to provide 92 jobs to members of the local community where they are paid a fair and livable wage. These jobs help to support the lives of 285 in the community. 
You can grab a bottle of Blue Lotus essential oil here. This is an oil everyone needs in their collection. Plus it’s just fun to play around with new essential oils and discover your own unique ways of using it. 
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