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Preparing for travel involves more than just packing your suitcase and planning your itinerary. It's essential to prioritize your well-being and ensure you have the necessary tools to support your health and vitality while on the go. From managing stress to maintaining a strong immune system, taking proactive steps to care for your well-being can greatly enhance your travel experience. In this article, I will share the essential oils and supplements I travel with and how they can become your trusted allies in promoting a sense of balance, relaxation, and overall well-being during your travels.
When it comes to traveling, I like to keep things simple and pack light with just a carry-on. The way that I can do that while still taking everything I need is by using packing cubes. These packing cubes are the ones I used on my recent two-week trip to Europe.

Oils on the Go  

One indispensable item that has revolutionized the way I travel with essential oils is the doTERRA Dram Keychain. This is a zippered pouch that contains 8-dram vials. It is perfect for if you want to take essential oils, but you don’t want to take full bottles of everything. You can put your favorite essential oils in the vials, place the vials in the keychain pouch, and boom you have your own mini kit that is perfect for travel. I recommend getting the doTERRA label stickers, so that you can label each vial. Throw this keychain in your purse and use it for everyday use as well as when you travel.

Here are the eight oils I packed in my Dram Keychain and took with me to Europe:
  • OnGuard
  • Breathe
  • DigestZen
  • Tea Tree
  • Lavender
  • Balance
  • Copaiba
  • MetaPWR
On Guard: Your Number One Travel Oil
On Guard is a powerful essential oil blend that offers immune support and protection against germs. There are several ways to use On Guard: apply it to the bottoms of your feet before bed, use it as a natural hand sanitizer, add a drop to water for daily wellness, or create a homemade mouth rinse. If you need extra dram sample bottles, I recommend these 5/8-dram sample bottles.

Breathe Easy with Breathe Oil
Breathe oil helps to open airways and promotes clear breathing. Whether you're exposed to pollution, or someone is feeling under the weather, Breathe oil can be applied to the chest, bottoms of the feet, or used in a portable diffuser. Speaking of which, doTERRA’s portable chargeable pilot diffuser is a great addition to your travel essentials. It's compact and perfect for diffusing oils in hotel rooms or even in your car.

Digest Zen for Digestive Support
Digest Zen is an essential oil blend specifically designed to aid digestion and provide relief from digestive discomfort. When traveling, our digestive systems may be exposed to different foods and experiences. Adding a few drops of Digest Zen to your water can help ease digestion. You can also apply it directly to the abdomen or bottoms of the feet for both adults and children.

Tea Tree: The Medicinal Essential Oil
Tea Tree essential oil is a versatile oil to have in your travel pouch. It can be used to clean wounds, treat breakouts or blemishes, and even serve as a natural cleaner for surfaces, just add it to a little bit of water, or laundry. Its cleansing properties make it a handy oil to have on hand, especially in travel situations where you may need quick solutions.

Lavender for Relaxation and First Aid
Lavender is often referred to as the "Swiss Army knife" of essential oils due to its versatility. It can be used for relaxation, promoting restful sleep, soothing skin irritations, and even aiding in healing cuts and scrapes. Applying a drop behind the ears can help alleviate discomfort during air travel due to changes in air pressure. Adding Lavender to your diffuser at night can create a calming atmosphere for better sleep.

Balance for Emotional Support
Traveling can sometimes be stressful, which is where Balance essential oil blend comes in. It provides emotional support and helps with anxious feelings. Its earthy aroma is grounding and soothing. Applying it behind the ears or on pulse points can help promote a sense of calmness and balance while on the go.

Copaiba for Discomfort
Discomfort relief is essential, especially during long trips or when dealing with muscle tension. Copaiba essential oil is known for its occasional discomfort-relieving properties. It can be applied directly to tight muscles or areas of discomfort or place a drop under your tongue – this works well for calming anxious feelings. Copaiba can also be used to support healthy skin. You can also use Deep Blue essential oil for occasional discomfort relief, but I find that Copaiba doesn’t have as much of an intense aroma, so I know I may need to use it on a plane or crowded space I will opt for Copaiba.

Metapower for Blood Sugar Support
MetaPWR helps to support healthy blood sugar levels it helps, cut sugar cravings, and helps with digestion. I like to add a couple drops in my morning water, when I'm out to dinner, or when I am out, I'll put it in my water at the restaurant and it helps with give my body a gentle

Most of the oils listed above that I took with me on my most recent trip can be found in the Healthy Start Kit or Home Essentials Kit. The difference between these two kits is that the Healthy Start Kit comes with 5mL bottles, and the Home Essentials Kit comes with 15mL bottles. These kits are the perfect way to get started and you get a discount when you purchase one of the starter kits. You can purchase the Healthy Start Kit here or purchase the Home Essentials Kit here. These links will automatically add the Dram Keychain and the Oil Cap Stickers to your cart, making it super easy to be travel ready with your essential oils.

Diffuse On the Go

Even when I am only traveling with only a backpack, I always take a diffuser with me. The Pilot Diffuser is perfect for traveling, in fact it was made for that purpose. It is designed to be a car diffuser, so it is slim enough to fit into a cup holder.

I always turn it on right when I get to the hotel rooms to make sure everything smells fresh, and to get rid of any of the funk. I also put it next to my bed to help me sleep. I keep Air-X essential oil packed with my Pilot diffuser. Air-X smells like a breath of fresh air and is designed to remove pollutants from our air. I like to diffuse this right when I get into my hotel. I will also diffuse this with Lavender at night to help us sleep or if anyone in my family needs respiratory support I will diffuse it with Breathe essential oil.

It comes with a carrying case that has spots to put your oils and the charger. I don't personally use the case when I am flying because it is bulky. I like to put my Pilot diffuser in a small soft pouch. The charger can be plugged into the USB port in your car or your computer.
This diffuser does not hold a lot of water, but it gets the job done. It can run for 4 hours continuously or 8 hours intermittently, but I don’t think I’ve been able to use it for a full 8 hours.

Purse Essentials for Travel

In addition to essential oils, I also carry beadlets for quick and easy use, including Metapower, On Guard, Peppermint, and Super Mint. These beadlets provide a convenient and portable solution for on-the-go support. The Peppermint Beadlets help me to wake up and freshen my breath. I also take the Peppermint Beadlets to give to my daughter when she experiences motion sickness while traveling. The On Guard Beadlets are obviously for immune support; you can never have too much On Guard. The MetaPWR Beadlets help support healthy blood sugar levels. SuperMint also helps to freshen breath and tastes really good.

Rose Touch
When it comes to personal fragrance while traveling, one of my favorite choices is doTERRA's Rose Touch essential oil. I wear Rose oil every day and taking the Rose Touch with me when I travel just makes sense, its prediluted and small enough to travel with. Simply apply a swipe of Rose Touch to your pulse points, such as wrists or behind the ears, and let its floral scent envelop you throughout the day. Not only does it add a touch of luxury to your personal fragrance, but Rose oil also has numerous skincare benefits, helping to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin while on the go.

On Guard Hand Sanitizer
When it comes to staying clean and protected while traveling, one of my top recommendations is the On Guard Hand Sanitizer by doTERRA. I try to always keep on me, because you never know when you will need hand sanitizer. The compact size of the hand sanitizer makes it convenient to slip into your bag or pocket. I want to share a little hack with you, to keep the hand sanitizer lid from coming unscrewed in your bag. When you get the product from doTERRA it will have plastic covering the entirety of the bottle. Instead of taking all the plastic off, just take enough on the plastic off the top so that you can pop the lid off and be able to use the spray nozzle. Leaving the rest of the plastic on the bottle will keep it from unscrewing and spilling all over your bag and its contents - this is especially important when flying. You can spray this on more than just your hands too. It can be used to clean airplanes seats and trays or whatever you want really.

On Guard Wipes
These are great for on the go. You have probably heard that the little trays that fold down in front of you on airplanes are very rarely cleaned well. I use these wipes to quickly wipe down the tray and the armrests when I get to my seat. If you don’t have the On Guard Hand Wipes, just use the On Guard Hand Sanitizer.


On the Go Skincare

These are all my travel skin care essentials. For breakouts, I rely on the HD Clear product. I also use Yarrow Palm oil as a facial serum to keep my skin looking its best. And finally, I apply Clary Calm to my armpits every day to maintain healthy hormone levels. These are my go-to products for skincare, and they conveniently fit into my carry-on luggage. As someone who prefers traveling with just a carry-on, I've learned to streamline my packing and prioritize the essentials.

If you the place you are traveling to will not have a ton of bathroom space or want to keep all your products nice and neat this hanging toiletry bag is perfect. 

As I mentioned earlier, I like to keep my travel luggage as compact as possible. For this reason, I do not carry the full-size containers of all my skin care products. I like to use these 1oz containers that are perfect for skin care products – they hold about a week’s worth of product.

MetaPWR Collagen – a True Travel Essential

Ever since the release of the MetaPWR line, I always carry the Metapower Collagen. It helps with energy, supports healthy skin, brain function, and joint health. I have an entire article discussing the benefits of Metapower Collagen: MetaPWR Review with doTERRA.

If you enjoy a good matcha latte every morning or want to be able to mix your MetaPWR Collagen efficiently, I highly recommend this travel frother wand.

Must have Travel Supplements

Another important aspect of my travel routine is supplements. I have a separate box where I keep my daily supplements. It's like my portable bathroom cabinet. I use this supplement box organizer to organizer all my supplements even when I am home and not traveling. This organized approach allows me to conveniently pack my daily supplement box into my backpack when I'm on the go. If you are interested in an easy way to store all your supplements, I highly recommend this supplement box.
Some of the supplements I take daily, while others are there just in case. In my supplement box I have the Lifelong Vitality supplements, On Guard+ capsules, GX Assist capsules for gut cleanse, On Guard zinc tablets, probiotics, Metapower Assist, TerraZyme for digestion support, Serenity capsules for sleep assistance in case of jet lag, Mito2Max for energy, Zendocrine for liver support, and Deep Blue capsules for discomfort relief. These supplements provide a comprehensive support system for my health while traveling. If you want to learn more about doTERRA’s supplements you can read my article: doTERRA Supplements Explained.
Your travel essentials may differ a little bit from mine, but if this is your first time traveling with essential oils or you want to get better about being more prepared the recommendations above are a good place to start. You will certainly want to take any oils or blends that you use daily. Any of the Touch oils would be good for traveling since they are pre-diluted, but you will not be able to diffuse these – which is why I also recommend the doTERRA Dram Keychain. If you do want to make some of your own diffuser blends to take with you on your travels, I recommend these roller bottles from Amazon.
My last piece of travel advice would be to stay hydrated and eat well whenever you can. Remember to enjoy every moment of your trip. Embrace new experiences, interact with locals, try new activities, and create lasting memories. I hope you found this blog post helpful for creating your own travel kit with essential oils. Safe travels and enjoy the benefits of natural wellness on your next adventure!
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