What would you be doing with your life if money and time wasn’t an obstacle? 

Who would you be spending your time with? 

What would you be doing? Where would you be living? 

What would total time and financial freedom look like in your life?

 Why are you here? What is your purpose?

These were questions I began to ask myself in in 2010 while working as an occupational therapist and managing a large rehabilitation clinic. I entered into the profession with a desire to truly help people, yet felt empty and unfulfilled in my profession. Changing healthcare guidelines made it impossible for me to implement the quality of care I knew my patient’s needed. Not only did I feel empty in my career, my health was also suffering.  

I was literally living to work. I worked 50 plus hours a week in the clinic, plus a 2 hour commute each day, and worked additional on call hours at a neighboring facility most weekends.  I was in survival mode.  I sacrificed sleep, lived on caffeine and sugar, and took naps in my car during my lunch breaks to allow my stressed adrenals to rest during the day.  If I did get a day off, I was so exhausted I would sleep as many hours as possible, sometimes up to 16 hours. I had developed several food intolerance and had digestive discomfort with most meals. My hormones were also out of control. My hair was thinning and face was covered in adult cystic acne.  I was miserable. Something had to change! 

I visited a holistic health professional who told me, “Rigel, your job is killing you.” It was clear that I had an innate desire to help people but my current approach was not working for me.  She guided me towards a holistic health model where I discovered the power of high quality essential oils and nutrition. 

I began to eliminate all processed foods, grains, caffeine, and sugars from my diet.  While at the grocery store, I would limit my shopping experience to the produce department and meat counter. I learned how to make just about everything from scratch which was a huge accomplishment considering I didn't know I could cook dinner without a cardboard box. 

I also started to eliminate as many environmental toxins as possible.  After learning about the impact of chemicals on hormones, I went on a chemical detox and threw out every beauty product or cleaning product that I wouldn't want to ingest. My cabinets were empty! I replaced the toxic cleaning products and beauty care using essential oils and ingredients from my pantry.

Later that year, in 2011, I discovered doTERRA essential oils and my life was forever changed. I had used essential oils since I was a kid but had never experienced anything as profound or effective as the doTERRA essential oils. I started using them not only to clean my house but to shift my moods, support my digestive tract,  and soothe my irritated skin. While using essential oils, I noticed I consistently felt happier, had clearer skin, and slept better while using them. I had a glow and people started to ask me what I was doing.  

I began to share my passion for holistic health and wellness with others.  I started teaching friends, family, and strangers how to incorporate essential oils into a daily wellness routine.  I felt like I was vibrating at an elevated level.  I was helping people on my schedule AND getting a paycheck. It was at this moment that I decided I would make my passion my paycheck.

Six months after being introduced to doTERRA essential oils, I jumped ALL in and resigned from my high paying corporate job. Within 16 months we achieved the rank of Diamond, a 6 figure income in doTERRA. Today, we are happy Blue Diamonds. 

For the past 5 years I have not only empowered people with natural health solutions, I have also empowered women entrepreneurs to create the life they desire and live in financial abundance. I inspire massive change and provide mentorship to shift into an even more abundant and joyful life. 

Our doTERRA business has created time freedom, financial freedom, abundant opportunities, expanded our family, and created the ability to retire before age 30.  I am beyond grateful for these opportunities and am passionate about sharing these opportunities with others. 

So I ask you, are you ready to make a change?  Are you ready to experience more passion, joy and purpose in your life? Are you ready to elevate your health? Are you ready to create time and financial freedom? Are you ready to create a six figure income by sharing natural solutions with the world? If so, I can help!


If so, contact me to schedule a complimentary wellness consult with myself or a member of our wellness team.  

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*This offer is only available to people who are NOT current wellness advocates or wellness customers and are not currently working with another doTERRA wellness advocate


I am looking for business partners with the following qualifications:

- Inspired to make a change in themselves and others.

- Living or aspiring to live a wellness lifestyle.

- Desire to start a home-based business while receiving mentorship. 

- Dedicated to setting and achieving personal goals.

If this is you, please apply to schedule a business overview to see if earning income with doTERRA is a good fit for you.

As a member of our wellness team, you will receive mentorship to identify your earning potential, create a customized business plan to meet your goals, and receive either individual or group mentorship depending on your goals.  You will also have access to exclusive team trainings, videos, calls and access to our private mastermind Facebook groups.

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*This training is only available to people who are NOT current wellness advocates or wholesale customers and are not currently working with another doTERRA wellness advocate.

What is the earning potential with doTERRA?

Are you tired of living to work? What does the business doTERRA opportunity have to offer you? Check out this video to find out more.