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Hi, I'm Rigel!

Meet my little family!  That is my husband, Adam and me holding our newborn daughter the day after she decided to unexpectedly make her debut into the world on my bathroom floor. This was the first of many days this little girl has taught me the gift of exercising patience, embracing the unexpected, and finding joy in everyday moments.

The birth of my daughter was the original inspiration for starting this blog in 2015. Back then, my intention was to help mothers find joy through the journey of motherhood while empowering them to have natural solutions at their finger tips.

Since then, the blog and my YouTube channel have evolved a bit with less emphasis on motherhood and an expanded vision of a holistic wellness through all stages of life. I help people build a foundation for lifelong wellness, reduce toxins in their home, increase energy naturally, bring more joy into their life, and save money by making simple DIY swaps in the home using high quality essential oils.
I have been professionally educating people about holistic wellness by incorporating doTERRA essential oils into their daily routine since 2011. I discovered doTERRA at a time in my life when I was overworked, stressed, and not prioritizing my own self care. As a result, my hair was falling out, my skin was breaking out, my hormones where a wreck, my moods were inconsistent, and my digestion was a mess. There were very few things I could eat that wouldn’t make me sick. I was miserable! I was being referred to specialist after specialist but no one seemed to have a solution for me. 

Finally, I was referred to a functional medicine doctor who had a holistic approach to wellness with emphasis on nutrition. He determined that I had all the precursors of an autoimmune disease and that if I didn’t change my lifestyle and nutrition I would trigger a full blown autoimmune disease diagnosis.  The good news is he thought I could completely avoid triggering this diagnosis if I addressed the root now. This meant a total lifestyle overhaul, mindful supplementation, decreasing stress, internal cleansing, reducing toxic chemicals in my home and hygiene products, and embracing a paleo diet. 

I committed to a healthy lifestyle overhaul including using my doTERRA essential oils to support my mind, mood, and body during this transition and to swap out toxic products in my home. Thankfully it worked! I never did get that diagnosis and no long have any of the indicators for it. I have more energy now than I did in my 20’s. My hair grew back, skin cleared, gut healed, and I finally got pregnant!  

The greatest gift of this experience is it helped me develop the passion to help people prioritize their health NOW. Our health is one of our greatest gifts and it often goes unappreciated until it starts to decline. It’s never too late or to early to value this precious gift!

In 2012, I left my career as an occupational therapist to educate people on how to up level their health and lifestyle using doTERRA essential oils. At first, I taught simple intro to essential oils classes in home after home. My business started to grow and within 16 months we achieved the rank of diamond in our doTERRA business. Not only had we helped 1000s of people learn how to use essential oils to elevate their health, we also had attracted a community of leaders wanting to be advocates of wellness in their own communities.

Our doTERRA customers and leaders have expanded to over 10,000 members in 14 countries. Our team has a strong foundation for customer education to ensure every single person is well supported and is getting the most out of their essential oil experience. This includes live and virtual continuing education experiences and connection to our interactive VIP education community 24/7 support. 

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Rigel Smith is a doTERRA Blue Diamond Wellness Advocate, certified holistic health coach, registered occupational therapist, entrepreneur, wife, mother, & lover of life. When she isn't educating about essential oils or making a new YouTube video, you can find her hiking in the mountains of Colorado with her family, talking to her plants, or making a fresh batch of kombucha.

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