Flying with an infant: 12 tips to bring more peace, joy, and ease to your travel experience. 

How can you bring more joy, peace, and ease to your travel experience with an infant? Check out these must read tips from myself and my daughter who experienced 14 peaceful flights before her first birthday. I love traveling…even with a baby! 


1. Know your airline.  Each airline has slightly different regulations regarding flying with infants. Check the airline's website and always bring a copy of the infant’s birth certificate to verify age.  Babies 2 years and younger can fly for free on your lap or, if you prefer to place them in a carseat, you can purchase a discounted seat with certain airlines like Southwest. I prefer the lap option because that is were my baby would end up even if I purchased her a seat. 


2. Keep it simple. Just because you can have a carry on, a personal item AND a diaper bag doesn't mean you will want to.  Pack one light carry on and use items that do double duty.  Baby safe necklaces that can become a teething ring, bangle bracelets that peek a little ones curiosity, a stylish infinity scarf or ring sling that can double as a nursing cover or blanket are all great double duty items.


3. Skip the lines! Use the curbside check in. Lines are short, service is excellent and you don't have to haul your luggage into the airport. Check with your airline, but you are typically allowed to check baby items like a stroller and carseat for free.  Don't want to invest in a travel bag for your carseat? Use an oversized trash bag to cover your carseat or invest in a Doona.


4. Invest in a Doona!! If you travel frequently the Doona is a MUST.  It is a european designed carseat and stroller all-in-one.  It can be wheeled to the gate and gate checked like a stroller. You don’t have to worry about carrying a bulky carseat AND stroller.  As a stroller, the compact design allows you to maneuver in small spaces like subways and converts to a car seat within seconds to carry up stairs when you don't want to wait for the elevator. Since this car seat also has wheels you wont feel like your arm is going to fall off while exiting baggage claim. When you arrive at your destination the car seat can be used without a base to easily fit into your Uber, taxi, or rental car.  I use my Doona everyday and couldn’t imagine traveling or even going to the grocery store without it. 

"Doona car seat stroller combo. Is it a stroller? Is it a car seat? It's both!


5. Breeze through security. Skip the long security lines and go through TSA precheck which allows you to leave your shoes, belt, and light jacket on. There is no need to remove your 3.4 oz liquid containers and laptops from your carryon. Plus you will get through security in a fraction of the time.  I have never waited more than 10 minutes. TSA precheck is randomly assigned but you can apply and purchase it for only $85 for 5 years.  To me, this would be worth it even if I only traveled once a year. 


6. Wear your baby.  Grab your favorite carrier, wrap, or ring sling and cruise through the airport.  You will be hands free and your baby will feel safe and secure. Depending on the TSA official, most will let you wear your baby through security.  I’ve been able to wear her through security 13 out of 14 flights. If your baby is sound asleep in a stroller they will have you take them out EVERY time. Note, you will NOT be able to wear your baby during take off and landing on the airplane. I do not understand the reasoning behind this policy.  

"Hands-free nursing in the ring sling on the way to our terminal."


7. Prepare for pressure changes.  Alleviate pressure changes in your little one’s ears by allowing them to nurse or suck during take off and landing.  I also use a little lavender touch essential oil around my baby’s ears (never put essential oils inside the ear).  The lavender helps to calm her if she is restless, helps her sleep, and is soothing to her little ears.  You can purchase baby-safe, lavender touch essential oil or the set of 9 kid-friendly touch oils here

"doTERRA touch kit includes 9 kid-friendly, predicted essential oils for everyday emergencies."


8. Keep diapering simple.  Changing stations on an airplane are a joke.  Change your baby before boarding, put on a little extra DIY diaper spray to provide an extra moisture barrier, and keep outfits simple on travel days to allow for quick and easy emergency diaper changes.  My daughter’s travel outfit is typically a onesie, leg warmers, and cardigan. Cute and makes for efficient diaper changes. As for packing diapers? I pack what I need for the day, a couple extra in my checked luggage and purchase a pack of diapers and wipes when I arrive at my final destination. 

9. Keep your baby entertained.  Bring a couple of his or her favorite small toys and turn everyday items into the remainder of the entertainment. As I walk through the airport I grab straws, coasters, cup sleeves, lids and any other interesting items for my little one to play with on a flight.  She loves turning the airplane barf bag into a puppet or using it to store her toys.  A water bottle can also be quite entertaining along with my bracelets and sunglasses. One of my daughter's favorite “books” are the cartoon drawings of how to prepare for an emergency landing that can be found in the seat-back pocket.   If you have a choice, select a window seat. 

"Attach a small toy the tray table latch."


10. Feeding your baby. Nursing is extremely convenient when traveling.  Use your scarf as a nursing cover and your neighbors wont even notice you are nursing. A travel neck pillow doubles nicely as a mini boppy pillow.  If you are using formula, you can bring extra liquids that exceeds the 3.4 oz fluid limits.  Just declare the additional liquids during security screening. Do NOT use the airplane bathroom faucet as drinking water.  The flight attendant can provide you additional bottled water if needed. Once your baby is interested in more than just milk, have a variety of healthy choices prepared for her to avoid the impulse foods at the airport.  Some of our favorites include bananas (a.k.a baby crack), celery and carrot sticks for teething, sliced grapes, puffs, and homemade bana-cado smoothie pouches

"Bento style lunch boxes are great for traveling."

11. Boost your immune system. Traveling will expose yourself and baby to thousands of new germs as you breathe recirculated air for the duration of your flight, touch anything in the airplane bathroom, and cruise through the airport.  I am not a germaphobe but I do take extra precautions while traveling to boost our immune system.  Being sick on a vacation is no fun at all. To avoid this, create an all natural sanitizing spray with essential oils to spray down spaces your little one will have contact with, toys, and your hands. 

To make an all natural sanitizing spray, fill a small glass spray bottle with 10-20 drops of OnGuard essential oil and top with water. This blend of cinnamon, rosemary, eucalyptus, clove, and wild orange has been shown to kill over 99% of germs without disrupting your healthy flora. You can purchase OnGuard products here.

12. Set your intention. Avoid thinking about worst case scenarios or that your baby will have a meltdown with a disruption in his or her routine.  Know that all humans are adaptable creatures and expect the best case scenario while being prepared for others. No matter how young, talk to your baby and tell him or her what to expect.  As I rock my baby to sleep the night before a flight I let her know about all the adventures the following day will bring. When you remain calm your baby senses this calmness and will often mirror your emotions.  Take a deep breath, put on your Serenity essential oil and know you have a great flight ahead of you.

"When in doubt....just breathe."

Wondering about other ways to use essential oils? 

You can download this free eBook that includes 100 Uses for Essential Oils. 


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