The Best Essential Oils Traveling Case

I love carrying my essential oils with me when I travel; there's an oil for any situation that you could possibly be in. Plus, I like using Balance and Lavender when I'm traveling over long-distances to help keep both me and those around me relaxed. I also like to travel with my doTERRA On Guard oil blend to keep my immunity up when I'm traveling somewhere.

I used to have carry them in makeup bags, but I always felt like they took up room in my purse or carry-on, plus I would still have to carry a wallet in the same bag. That's why I created the Aerobliss travel wallet that also works as an essential oil carrying case! I use mine all the time because it has the option of working as a wrist wallet so I can take both my essentials and essential oils without even having to carry a purse!

The travel wallet has a vegan leather zipper, is hard-shelled, and has a wrist loop so that you can carry the wallet around as a purse (like I do) or you can throw it in your purse and use it as a wallet.

The travel wallet holds ten different roller bottles, has four card slots for credit cards and business cards, and has a pocket for cash. When you purchase the wallet it also comes with a (FREE) essential oils recipe PDF with 16 of my favorite essential oil recipes to make roller bottle blends for everything from more energy to better sleep!

To see what the wallet looks like and how it works, check out the video below! I also have an exclusive code in the description box on the video where you can receive a discount on your wallet!

Let me know in the comments what you think of the travel wallet and how you carry your essential oils!

Purchase Aerobliss Travel Wallet on Amazon 

Peace, love, & oils,

Rigel Smith

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