Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding with Coconut Milk: A Natural Healthy Breakfast

This is one of those recipes that can be made with a toddler on your hip. It was difficult to photograph because my husband and daughter kept trying to eat them all! It’s nutrient dense, thick, creamy, and deliciously tart. It's easy to whip up a batch of this chia seed pudding at the beginning of the week to have on hand for a filling, nutrient-rich snack or breakfast on the go. Plus, it's toddler approved!


1 can of coconut milk (13.5 oz)

½ cup of frozen raspberries, defrosted (previously frozen raspberries tend to be sweeter and have more juice)

2 tablespoons maple syrup

1 drop of doterra cardamom essential oil 

⅓ cup of chia seeds 

About the Ingredients:

Chia seeds are a nutrient-dense superfood. Native to Central America since 2,600 B.C, chia seeds are loaded with omega fatty acids, protein, antioxidants and dietary fiber. Chia seeds are derived from the desert plant Salvia hispanica and are often referred to as “the running food” since they offer a healthy fuel for stamina and endurance, as well as anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The word “chia” is derived from the Mayan word for “strength.” It is said that Aztec soldiers relied on chia seeds for their stamina and strength during battles. Chia Seeds are an excellent source of omega fatty acids – containing seven times more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon. They are also excellent source of plant protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and free-radical fighting antioxidants.

Coconut milk contains fat, one in particular called lauric acid, that is converted in the body into a highly beneficial compound that’s antiviral and antibacterial. It destroys a wide variety of disease-causing organisms. It’s one of the reasons coconut milk has become a well-known substitute for dairy.

Raspberries contain powerful antioxidants, prevent constipation, and maintain a healthy digestive tract. The fiber in raspberries help to release toxins from your body and promote regularity. 

Maple syrup is an unrefined natural sweetener that contain higher levels of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants than table sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. When used in moderation, its nutrition benefits can include the ability to lower inflammation, supply nutrients, and better manage blood sugar. 

Cardamom essential oil is extracted from cardamom seeds. The crops extracted by doTERRA are grown in Guatemala and responsibly sourced by ensuring that the lives of those who live in these farming communities are sustainably improved. Cardamom is a close relative to ginger, and due to its benefits to the digestive system and scent that promotes a positive mood, I add in a drop of it to this delicious recipe.

Yield: 2 cups (2-4 servings)

  1. In a blender, blend coconut milk, raspberries, maple syrup and essential oil until well mixed.
  2. Add chia seeds & pulse a few times until well mixed.
  3. Pour into mason jars (I recommend these) and refrigerate for at least 3 hours. 



Once you try it, let me know what you think! Would you substitute anything? Any comments or suggestions, please let me know!

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