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If you are reading this, you are most likely in pursuit of holistic wellness and you have a desire to understand the complexities of the human body. One aspect of holistic wellness that has been overlooked or few know about is the microbiome. Your microbiome is a bustling community of microbes within your body that significantly influences your overall wellbeing. From maintaining a healthy gut to impacting brain health, mood, skin, and various other bodily functions, the microbiome plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. In this article, I will discuss the complexities of the microbiome, its significance, and ways to nurture it for optimal health. I will also cover doTERRA’s updated PB (ProBiome) products. doTERRA has had PB Assist+ and PB Restore for a while, but during the 2023 Becoming Convention it was announced that those products had been reformulated to work better than ever.  

The Microbiome and its Significance

Did you know that over half of the cells in your body are not even human cells? They are a diverse array of microbes, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses, among others, collectively referred to as the microbiome. These microbes live within the flora of our bodies. Essentially, our bodies host an entire ecosystem, with the gut being the most well-known site, but with a presence also in our mucus membranes, brain, eyes, and nostrils.

Note: While I always seek to explain how doTERRA products work and the benefits you can expect from them, sometimes it is best to get the scientific data right from the source. doTERRA is offering a free ProBiome course that covers the nitty gritty of microbiome and the Reformulated PB products. If you are a wholesale member you can access that course below, completely free.

The Microbiome as a Garden

Think of your microbiome like a garden. When tending to a garden, we add fertilizer and compost to nurture the growth of desired plants while suppressing the growth of weeds. Similarly, supporting a healthy microbiome encourages the growth of beneficial microbes, creating an environment where harmful microbes struggle to thrive. Although these microbes are tiny and invisible, they actually outweigh the human brain. If we were to weigh all the microbes in our body, they would collectively weigh over four pounds. Having a diverse range of microbes is crucial for overall well-being. Maintaining a healthy microbiome involves practices such as consuming a varied diet, ensuring sufficient rest, and managing stress levels.

A thriving microbiome is resilient and adaptable, facilitating essential functions like food metabolism, immune system support, and signal transmission. By nurturing the microbiome, you can support your overall health. Various health aspects, including immunity, digestion, metabolism, sleep, and heart health, are closely linked to the microbiome, emphasizing its importance in maintaining a healthy holistic lifestyle.

Modern Dietary Challenges

In our modernized diets, we rely heavily on processed foods. These processed foods have little to no microbes because they have all been processed out. We have also depleted much of the nutrients within our soil, so even foods that aren’t processed do not contain the same microbial diversity that our ancestors experienced. The reduced intake of a diverse range of fruits and vegetables contributes to this decline, impacting the health of our immune system, brain function, digestion, skin health, emotions, and hormones (especially for women). While hundreds of different varieties of fruits and vegetables exist, the majority of our food consumption is sourced from only a handful of plants and animals, this greatly limits our exposure to beneficial microbes.
While cultivating healthy eating habits is essential, supplementing smartly can bridge nutritional gaps and help to build healthy gut flora and increase microbes within the body. Insert doTERRA’s reformulated PB products. Many of us have used and loved the original products for years, but as we learn more and develop new technology, we are able to improve supplements to meet more of our needs. These probiotics are meticulously designed to deliver a potent blend of prebiotics, postbiotics, and beneficial microbes directly to the lower gastrointestinal tract, where they can exert maximum benefits.

The enhanced potency of the PB Restore and PB Assist+ products ensure an influx of over 30 unique microbial strains derived from 22 species, promoting a flourishing and diverse microbiome. Users have reported a range of benefits after consistent use, including improved mood, normalized bowel movements, reduced bloating, better sleep, and even notable improvements in skin health, with some users experiencing skin firming and smoother texture. Improved mood is one of the benefits I have heard most consistently – I have even heard it called happiness in a bottle. The gut brain connection serves to improve mood when the gut is happy and balanced. I have also heard a lot of users mention improved skin health. One user said she stopped using her Instagram filter because her skin looked so radiant.


PB Restore

The PB Restore Complex is a comprehensive supplement that aims to benefit various aspects of systemic health, including digestive health, gut barrier integrity, immune function, micronutrient synthesis, metabolism, respiratory health, oral health, and dermatological health, with potential benefits for cardiovascular health, urological health, brain function, and DNA function. Additionally, these strains contribute to reducing digestive discomfort in infants as part of maternal prenatal supplementation during the last four weeks of pregnancy.

To safeguard the viability of these bioactive cultures, doTERRA employs patented encapsulation technology, utilizing a dual-layer capsule system that protects the strains from the harsh stomach environment. The outer capsule contains prebiotic fructooligosaccharides (FOS), postbiotics, and bacteriophages, while the inner time-release capsule houses the 24 strains of probiotics, enabling targeted delivery to the lower intestinal tract for optimal effectiveness.

While refrigeration is advisable if the product won't be used consistently, daily consumption permits storage at room temperature.

PB Assist+

PB Assist+ is a convenient stick pack that contains a proprietary blend of 13 probiotic strains and a prebiotic, providing double the number of strains compared to its previous version. With seven billion AFU at the time of use, it ensures an effective dose for users. The inclusion of prebiotic FOS inulin further supports digestive comfort, healthy lipid metabolism, cardiovascular health, a healthy nervous system, and a robust immune system, according to clinical and experimental research.

PB Assist+ utilizes microencapsulation to ensure the survival of its probiotics through the harsh stomach acid and successful delivery to the intestines in the lower GI tract. With a protective coating, the microscopic probiotic strains are effectively shielded, allowing them to flourish and effectively carry out their functions.
Additionally, these PB Assist+ sticks taste like Pixie Stick candy. They have a delicious strawberry melon flavor makes it a favorite among both children and adults, facilitating a family-friendly approach to maintaining healthy habits. My daughter absolutely loves these, and they were originally formulated for children, but with the reformulation they are now effective for the whole family. I usually put them in her lunch box, but if I forget she always asks for her probiotics.

You may hear that taking these probiotics first thing in the morning is best, my recommendation is to take them at a time in which you can be consistent. It is much more important to consistently take your probiotics than it is to take them at a certain time. I find that I can easily corporate new steps into my daily routine when I practice habit stacking.

Supporting Microbiome Health with Oral Care

Acknowledging that the microbiome extends to our oral cavity, it's essential to use oral care products that support it as well. doTERRA offers an entire oral health line to enhance your oral health and support a healthy oral microbiome.
Alcohol based mouthwashes and certain toothpaste can disrupt the microbiome balance within your mouth. Even fluoride toothpaste has been linked to potential microbiome interference. doTERRA’s oral care products offer On Guard Mouthwash, which is alcohol-free, and the On Guard and Super Mint Toothpaste.
The Super Mint variant is a recent addition, launched in October 2023. Both toothpaste options serve as natural whitening agents and gently aid in remineralizing teeth. Depending on your preference, you can choose either option for your daily oral care routine. If you enjoy a minty flavor in the morning, the Super Mint could be your choice, while the On Guard variant could be a suitable option for your nighttime routine, especially if you prefer a non-stimulating option before bed.

Prioritizing the well-being of our microbiome is a crucial step toward achieving overall health and vitality. Whether you're striving for improved mood, better digestion, or glowing skin, supporting your microbiome can be a significant step towards achieving holistic well-being. I encourage you to check out doTERRA’s PB Restore, PB Assist+, and the On Guard oral care products. Let's prioritize the well-being of our microbiome for a healthier and more vibrant life.

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