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This one is for the new-mom, mom-to-be, and all the babies on the way. In this article, I'll be discussing essential oils that are tailored for both new moms and babies. Whether you're organizing a baby shower or embarking on your own journey into motherhood, these products and essential oils have proven incredibly beneficial in my experience as a new mom. I consistently recommend them to virtually every new mom I know because of the significant positive impact they can make.

Minimalist Basics Every Mom Needs

Let's begin with the minimalist basics that will make the biggest difference in moms’ life. These items are suitable for those on a budget or for occasions like a co-worker's baby shower. To start, let's talk about Tamer from the doTERRA Kids Collection. 

This blend, highly diluted and consisting of mild oils, is designed to ease stomach discomfort. If you've had experience with babies, you know they sometimes face tummy issues and become fussy. Tamer can be gently applied to their belly, followed by a counterclockwise abdominal massage or by rolling the oil on their feet. This can help alleviate baby indigestion. 

For those times when baby is extra fussy there's Calmer, another blend from the doTERRA Kids’ Collection for promoting restfulness. It's particularly helpful in soothing upset feelings before bedtime or addressing skin irritation. 

The Calmer blend incorporates relaxing oils such as lavender, cananga, Buddha wood, and Roman chamomile, all contributing to a deeply soothing effect.

Another doTERRA favorite of mine for babies is the Breathe Stick, a valuable tool for aiding in the opening of airways. I prefer applying it to the bottoms of their feet with a gentle swipe. This can be done just before putting on their socks, and it contributes to easing congested airways.

On a related note, I'd like to recommend a non-doTERRA product called the NoseFrida. This can make a great addition to a baby shower gift set. You might be familiar with the conventional bulb suctions that hospitals often provide for extracting mucus. However, these don't always work effectively. The NoseFrida, while looking a bit unusual with its long cord, is incredibly efficient. It involves using your own suction to clear congestion from a baby's nose; rest assured, it's not unpleasant or unsanitary. As a first-time mom, I was initially unsure about it, but I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. The combination of the NoseFrida and the Breathe Stick proved to be a lifesaver when my daughter was a baby.  

Next item I would include in the minimalist package is doTERRA’s Diaper Rash Cream from the doTERRA Baby Line. It's important to note that this product isn't exclusively for babies – I use it as an adult quite frequently. It's designed to address a wide range of skin irritations, including redness, discomfort, and persistent issues like chafing and itchiness. In my experience, it stands out as the best diaper cream I've ever used. It contains zinc oxide, but it's enriched with a blend of shea butter, beeswax, lavender, carrot seed, and tea tree oils. I highly recommend this versatile product for everyone.

In the doTERRA baby line, the Diaper Rash Cream is just one of three products available. You have the option to either acquire the entire collection or focus on specific items. If budget constraints are a concern, you can opt for the diaper cream alone. On the other hand, if you have a bit more flexibility in your budget, consider getting the full lineup. Packaged in an elegantly giftable box, the complete set includes not only the Diaper Rash Cream but also doTERRA Baby Lotion and Hair & Body Wash. Personally, I've found the lotion and body wash to be so delightful that I use them for myself. The gentle scent, featuring notes of Roman chamomile, shea butter, lavender, and vanilla, creates a light and luxurious aroma. It's become my personal preference for daily use, providing a soothing and indulgent experience.

Interestingly, the doTERRA Diaper Rash Cream was introduced after my daughter had almost outgrown diapers. Before its availability, I used to create my own diaper cream concoction, which worked great for my daughter.  
DIY Diaper Cream Recipe
  • 4 oz spray bottle 
  • Five drops of Lavender 
  • Five drops Frankincense 
  • Top with fractionated coconut oil 
After every diaper change, I would generously spray this blend on her bottom area. This created a protective barrier, eliminating getting cream on my hands. Both options are effective. My daughter never experienced any skin issues due to our consistent use of the DIY Diaper Spray. Interestingly, the new moms I've shared this spray with swear by its effectiveness. Even as an adult using it on my own skin, I can attest to its almost magical qualities. The spray is particularly convenient – a quick spritz and you're done.

Shop the minimalist top 4 doterra baby products every mom needs at wholesale pricing here. Products include Tamer for upset tummy, Calmer (or Balance touch while Calmer is temporarily out of stock) for all things calming, Breathe Vapor Stick for opening airways, and the best Diaper Cream for protecting delicate skin. You can add more products to your shopping cart if desired. 

If you have a slightly larger budget, you might consider gifting a diffuser. doTERRA offers a range of diffusers that would be excellent for a nursery environment. Among our personal favorites for diffusing around our baby were Lavender and Serenity. Serenity is doTERRA’s soothing blend that includes not only Lavender but also Roman Chamomile and Vetiver. This blend is particularly calming and perfect for creating a sleepy atmosphere. Additionally, we enjoyed diffusing Balance, which contains grounding tree oils. For promoting clear airways, we frequently diffused Breathe essential oil which offers relief for congestion. These diffuser options make for fantastic gifts, adding a sense of tranquility to the nursery environment.

Here's another unique gift idea that ties in well with the calming theme. The Sleepy Sheep is essentially a plush stuffed animal with a twist – it doubles as a sound machine. It's designed to play various sounds such as soothing ocean waves, rain, whale sounds, and trickling stream water. My daughter absolutely loved this when she was little and would drift off peacefully to the ocean wave sounds. This is a gift I truly valued as a new mother, and it pairs beautifully with the Calmer blend for the perfect baby shower gift.  


Essential Oils for Baby

As a new mom you can use essential oils to help soothe baby and ease discomfort. Particularly, when it comes to addressing common issues like ear discomfort in infants – those moments when they're crying, pulling at their ears, and clearly in discomfort – there's a potential solution that doesn't always necessitate a doctor's visit. While we have immense respect for modern medicine and our healthcare professionals, I believe in tending to minor matters at home when feasible. This approach has proven to be effective for us consistently, and I've recommended it to numerous fellow moms with positive outcomes.

For easing ear discomfort in little ones I recommend using tea tree and lavender oil. Just a single drop each of tea tree and lavender, or even basil oil, if preferred, mixed with a quarter-sized amount of coconut oil. Gently rub the mixture together and apply it behind the ears. Never put any oils inside the ear canals or near the eyes. Instead, the focus is on the outer area. Alternatively, you can place a small amount on a cotton ball and position it at the entrance of the ear. This practice alleviated ear discomfort for my daughter, leaving her to wake up without any tugging or discomfort in the morning.
As babies grow and teething becomes a factor, we found comfort in using copaiba and lavender. Just a few drops of copaiba and lavender, mixed with a bit of fractionated coconut oil, can be gently rubbed along the jawline. The idea isn't to apply these directly to the gums, but rather along the jawbone itself. If convenience is a priority, you can create a roller bottle with around two drops each of lavender and copaiba, along with fractionated coconut oil. Applying this blend along the jawline has offered soothing relief during teething.

If hands-on DIY isn't your preference, there's an alternative approach you can consider. The Rescuer blend, specifically designed for discomfort, is an option worth exploring. Part of the Kids’ Collection, this blend is highly diluted to ensure it's safe even for the youngest ones. Its ingredients include copaiba, lavender, spearmint, and Zanthoxylum.
This can also be rubbed along the jawline to ease teething discomfort. 

Rescuer is also valuable for situations where a baby's body temperature rises. It's important to note that while a slightly elevated temperature can be a natural response as the body combats unwanted intruders, be sure to keep an eye on it and call your health provider if they start to get too warm. I have used rescuer on my daughter since she was a baby, anytime her body temperature rises I apply Rescuer along her spine. You can also add a couple drops of Copaiba oils into a bath for babies to soothe their warm bodies. 


For Moms

Now, let's delve into the final two tips tailored for mothers. For the mothers I am close with I will often make them a Perineum Spray, also known as a Peri Spray. This spray offers relief to the perineum area and can even be soothing to spray on a c-section scar. The discomfort that can arise in these areas is well-known, and this spray is a soothing solution. 
To create it, simply combine around 20 drops each of lavender and frankincense in a four-ounce bottle. After topping it off with fractionated coconut oil, it's ready for use. This spray can be applied directly to the affected areas. When used over a c-section scar the Peri Spray can help promote circulation and support the healing process of the skin. 
Alternatively, for moms seeking additional options, the Immortelle blend is worth considering. This blend, often associated with its anti-aging benefits, includes frankincense, lavender, Sandalwood, Rose, and myrrh oils, making it a versatile option to enhance the spray's effectiveness. 
Another helpful suggestion for new mothers pertains to milk supply. Fennel oil is known for its remarkable ability to naturally stimulate milk production. If the need arises, simply administer a single drop of fennel oil daily. You can apply it by rubbing it onto the soles of your feet, placing a drop on your tongue, or by adding a drop to your water. 
Also, when it comes to milk supply, be mindful of how Peppermint oil is impacting milk supply. Some women experience a decrease in milk supply when consuming significant amounts of Peppermint oil, particularly if they're not consuming sufficient fluids. While this doesn't affect everyone, it's wise to be attentive to these effects and adjust your Peppermint intake accordingly.
If you're seeking further guidance on using essential oils during pregnancy and into motherhood, I highly recommend the book titled "Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies." This insightful resource, authored by Midwife Stephanie Fritz, proves invaluable for both new mothers and those looking to provide support to others. Stephanie Fritz, a seasoned midwife, draws from her extensive experience of over 40 years incorporating essential oils into her practice. 

This book is an exceptional guide that covers a range of essential oil applications. It encompasses insights on using essential oils to support fertility, making it particularly beneficial for those navigating fertility-related concerns or for anyone assisting someone in that journey. The book comprehensively addresses the three trimesters of pregnancy, offering guidance tailored to each phase. From addressing early discomforts to managing aches and pains that often accompany pregnancy, the book delves into various aspects of this transformative experience. Furthermore, it extends its coverage to include postnatal care, encompassing labor, delivery, and the crucial period of aftercare. Despite its concise length, this book serves as an excellent and comprehensive reference, providing a wealth of valuable information.

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