How to Make Elderberry Syrup Infused with Cardamom & Wild Orange Essential Oils

I started this blog in 2015 and the most popular post on here is still my original recipe for Elderberry Syrup infused with essential oils. Elderberries are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support a healthy immune system. Studies suggest that it can decrease the duration of undesirable upper airway symptoms when taken within 48 hours of the onset. You can read more research about the benefits of elderberries here.

Immune supporting essential oils such as cinnamon, OnGuard, and clove have similar immune supporting properties. As colder weather approaches, I am ready with essential oils in my diffuser to purify the air, support a healthy respiratory system, and give my immune system a boost. Elderberry + essential oils = immune supporting powerhouse! 

While this article is mostly dedicated to Elderberry Syrup, I wanted to sprinkle in some other tips for keeping your immune system optimized this fall and winter. Check out the 10 Reasons to Use On Guard+ below. 


I have since refined the recipe a little and below you will find the second version of this popular recipe. The only difference between the two recipes is that the original recipe has a spicier flavor and more traditional taste, and the newer version is sweeter tasting even though it uses the same amount of honey as the original recipe. 
For this Elderberry Syrup recipe, we are going to infuse the syrup with Wild Orange and Cardamom. 

Emotional Benefits of Cardamom

If you're using elderberry syrup already, you may have heard that it helps to support a healthy immune system. This Elderberry Syrup is a great compliment to doTERRA’s OnGuard Essential Oil. Both OnGuard and Elderberry Syrup are great to use during the colder months to help support a healthy immune system. 

Elderberry Syrup is super simple to make at home and only requires three ingredients, water, honey, and elderberries, but we are going to boost this with essential oils and spices.  

Elderberry Syrup Infused with Wild Orange and Cardamom Recipe 


2 Cups Water 
1 Cinnamon Stick 
1 Clove of Ginger
1 tsp Vanilla 
Sprinkle of Nutmeg 
Wild Orange Essential Oil  (where to buy)
Cardamom Essential Oil (where to buy)


Bring dried elderberries and water to a boil in a saucepan. Add in Cinnamon Stick, a sprinkle of Nutmeg, 1 clove of ginger, and 1 tsp of Vanilla. 
Simmer, uncovered until liquid is reduced by half (about 10-20 minutes). 
Remove pan from heat and allow to cool to room temp (below 95 deg F so you don't disturb the enzymes in your raw honey). 
Strain liquid from the elderberry mixture into a container and discard boiled elderberries. 

Mix in raw honey and essential oils into strained liquid. 
Store sealed in a glass jar or bottle in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
You can purchase elderberries at your local health food store, I buy mine from a local apothecary or from Amazon if the apothecary is out of them. Frontier Co-op Organic Dried Elderberries are good brand that you can purchase from Amazon. You can get these dried elderberries from anywhere, just make sure they are organic and good quality. 

Benefits of Wild Orange Essential Oil: 

Benefits of Cardamom Essential Oil: 

Note: Toss the used elderberries after making this recipe. It might be tempting to just throw a few dried elderberries in a smoothie, but elderberries contain a compound that upsets the GI tract. It is important that you boil your dried elderberries before using them to release the toxin found in that compound. Elderberries are good for us, but not in their raw or dried form, they must be boiled. The liquid that comes from boiling the elderberries is the good stuff that helps to boost our immune system.

For added flavor, I add a stick of cinnamon to the pot while the elderberries are boiling, and I grate a little bit of fresh nutmeg into the pot, add one clove of ginger, and 1 tsp of vanilla. These ingredients are optional, of course. 
Honey is an important part of this recipe and not just for the added flavor. Honey also acts as a natural preservative. Therefore, you don't want to reduce the amount of honey in the recipe. Use good quality local honey if available that is packed with live enzymes and therapeutic properties. Allow the the liquid cool to room temperature before adding the honey and essential oils, the heat will kill off the enzymes in the honey if the liquid is too hot. 

Once you’ve mixed in the honey you can add the essential oils, I recommend about 4 drops of Wild Orange and 1 drop of Cardamom. Cardamom is a powerful tasting oil, so I usually add one drop to a spoon before mixing it in, so that I don’t get more than one drop in my Elderberry Syrup and then ruin the entire batch. 
Once everything is mixed up, it is ready to be stored. I pour my Elderberry Syrup into a glass Mason Jar, or I put it in a recycled Kombucha bottle; store in the fridge for two to three weeks. Two to three weeks is the typical length it takes my family to go through a batch. You can also freeze elderberry syrup for 6 months or more. 
Typical dosing is 1 tsp a day for adults and 1/2 a tsp a day for children, seasonally as needed.  If I feel undesirable symptoms coming on, I take a dose 3x's a day and increase my essential oil usage until symptoms are gone. Do not give raw honey to kids younger than one year old. This suggested dosing is what I do for myself and family and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please use this info to consult with your physician for the best dosing for you. 

Other Immune Supporting Essential Oils 
  • Tea Tree 
  • Oregano 
  • Thyme 
  • Frankincense 
  • AromaTouch
  • On Guard 
  • Mellissa 
  • Arborvitae 
  • Rose 
  • Strong Blend 

Want to diffuse Cardamom? Check out these diffuser recipes below, these will make your house smell amazing. 

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