Essential Oils for Your Love Language

It is the month of love and a time when many of us focus on our relationships both intimate and platonic. February is a great month to reach out to loved ones, co-workers, friends, and acquaintances and let them know you care about them.
In this article we are going to discuss tips and essential oils to enhance your relationships with other through the concept of the 5 Love Languages. The concept of the 5 Love Languages comes from a book written by Gary Chapman called, The 5 Love Languages

His concept is very simple, we receive and feel loved in different ways and by knowing how those around you feel and receive love best, you can enhance your relationships by making them feel more loved through their Love Language. 

This can apply to our business partners, our co-workers, friends, family, children, and partners. Any relationship can be strengthened through acts of love, if you know how that person best receives love.

The Five Love Languages according to Gary Chapman are:  
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
It is typical for most of us to have two dominant Love Languages, if you don’t know what yours are, you can take this completely free quiz to find out

Words of Affirmation 

Words of Affirmation – those with Words of Affirmation in their top two Love Languages, feel most loved through affirming words. 

These are people who like to hear that they are appreciated and loved, if they are a business partner, they might want to hear recognition about their work. If you have a child with this Love Language, they want to hear that you are proud of them and love them. People with Words of Affirmation in their top two Love Languages will give out affirming words freely, but if it is not the other person’s Love Language they might not feel as deep as a connection to the words.
Fun Ways to Show Your Love Through Words of Affirmation and Essential Oils:
Make a Roller Bottle 
  • 20 Drops of Lavender
  • 20 Drops of Spearmint
  • Add both to a 10mL roller bottle
  • Fill to top with fractionated coconut oil 
Lavender is the oil of communication.
Spearmint is the oil of confident speech.
Give this roller bottle as a gift with a card full of affirming words and an explanation of the oils.

Handwritten Notes 
  • Send a card with a heartfelt message.
  • Leave little notes throughout the house, in lunch boxes, work bags, or gym bags.
  • Leave a note with your appreciation of a co-worker on their desk.

Essential Oil Infused Notes
Add a couple drops of whatever oil you want to a cotton ball, take a container or plastic bag drop the cotton ball and a notecard in the container, close it and leave it overnight. Take the notecard out in the morning, write your affirming message on the card, and leave it for your person to find. Your notecard will smell amazing, and the receiver will love the thought you put into it.

Quality Time 

Quality Time – those with Quality Time in their top two Love Languages, feel most loved when another person gives them their undivided attention. 

For the people in your life who receive love best through quality time, you will want to make time to spend one on one with them. For children this may mean time out with you alone or for your partner this may mean date nights out or even date nights in without the distraction of phones or other people.
In my house, my husband and I make sure that we have date nights scheduled in, sometimes that means we go out and sometimes it means we stay in and play a game or do something we both enjoy.
Quality time with a business partner or co-worker may look like going out to grab lunch/dinner together, going on a hike, getting a pedicure, or maybe even grabbing coffee together; just anything where you are doing something enjoyable one on one.

Oils to Support Quality Time
  • Lemon- is the oil of focus
  • InTune the Focus Blend
These oils would be for as the giver, so that you can focus, enjoy, and give love to your person. You can diffuse lemon before getting together with your person or you can roll InTune on the back of your neck.


Physical Touch 

Physical Touch – those with Physical Touch in their top two Love Languages, feel most loved through appropriate physical touch. 

Physical Touch can be intimate, but it doesn’t have to be. For instances when I worked in the hospitals as an occupational therapist, one of my favorite things to do before a treatment or when a person was end of life or even if they were very sick, I would give them an AromaTouch Hand Technique massage. These people did not have a lot of touch in their lives and touch is one of the basic human connections. I could see their eyes light up as I performed the AromaTouch Hand Technique Massage, and I could tell they really appreciated that extra effort I took to connect with them. Physical Touch is dead last on my list when it comes to Love Languages, but even I still crave physical touch as a means of human connection.

Learn more about the AromaTouch Hand Technique Massage here. This is a very simple technique; you can use any oil you want or you can use the AromaTouch Oil. This technique would be great to use to calm kids down.
There is also a full body AromaTouch Technique Massage if you wanted to do that with a partner or a friend. Learn more about the AromaTouch Massage here.  
Physical Touch in an Intimate Setting
Read, Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day with Essential Oils, for some spicy recipes and tips to spicing up your bedroom with essential oils.
Use Rose or Neroli to enhance Libido.

Rose is the symbol of love. Rose Oil provides a fragrance that is both seductive and calming. 
Neroli is known for calming the mind and arousing libido. It can also have an uplifting effect and add light-heartedness to the atmosphere. 
You can add Rose or Neroli to your neck and pulse points, you could also have a partner rub these oils on you. Essential Oils already have a sensual component to them, so just getting them on the body can really enhance physical touch with your partner. 

Make sure to check back soon for an article on enhancing libido with essential oils. 

Acts of Service 

Acts of Service – for those with Acts of Service in their top two Love Languages, actions speak louder than words. 

Acts of Service is the act of doing something that helps take something off someone else’s plate. This could be doing the dishes for a friend when you see that they need to be done. It can be picking up the kids from school when your partner has a lot going on or picking up a prescription for a family member. With a business partner, you could offer to watch their kids while they got a couple hours of work done each week, bring them a meal, or even helping them organize their business routine or schedule. Acts of Service is really about just doing anything to lighten the load of the other person.

This is my number one Love Language, and it is because I do a lot of ambitious things and tend to fill up my schedule. I feel loved when my husband does small things without me asking that help me fulfill my ambitious goals. Sometimes that looks like him turning on the diffusers and getting them running before I get out of bed or doing a household chore that he knows I would need to get done before sitting down to work.

Essential Oils to Support Acts of Service
  • Motivate – Motivate is an oil that helps to inspire and encourage. Motivate can be used by the giver or gifted to the receiver. Motivate is a great oil to gift to the highly ambitious person in your life. It is really going to help them get moving on some of their big goals and inspire them.

Receiving Gifts 

Receiving Gifts – for those with Receiving Gifts in their top two Love Languages, receiving heartfelt gifts make them feel most loved. 

This is a fun way to show love and it often the way that a lot of us express love, but it is important to remember that not everyone receives love best in this way. There are so many ways you can give meaningful gifts for the people in your life who receive love best in this way. 

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post on essential oil inspired DIY gifts that would make meaningful gifts, 5 Minute Lavender Oatmeal Soap & 14 Other Easy DIY Essential Oil Gift Ideas

One of my favorite gifts to give is Miracle Salve, it is great for skin and muscle and head tension.  
If you want to gift a consumable gift, check out my blog post, 8 Essential Oil Infused Treats for Gifting. 

If you are not the crafty type, just gift an essential oil based on their needs. If your person is feeling stressed, gift them Adaptiv Essential Oil. If they are struggling to get enough sleep, gift them Serenity Essential Oil. If they are struggling with discomfort, gift them the new Deep Blue Stick or Deep Blue Rub. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as I have and that you find some helpful tips for enhancing your relationships through the 5 Love Languages and essential oils. For more tips and tricks make sure to sign up for my free eBook below, Essential Oils to Spice Up Your Love Life. 

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